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Windward is a Washington state nonprofit corporation. The Windward Foundation is an equal opportunity organization which does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or national origin.

Reader's questions and comments are invited. Permission to publish is assumed unless expressly withheld.

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The Windward Blog:

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Second Impressions
       Andrew revisits his first impressions of Windward

Community: it's more important than I've ever known
       Oana shares some thoughts before heading east for Christmas

Faux Roof for Red Box
       December 28 -- the Bridge survives its first test
       December 21 -- an unusually heavy snow puts the Bridge to the test
       December 7 -- adding the plastic cover to the Bridge
       November 20 -- flashing and lagging the glue-lams
       November 16 -- adding another glue-lam
       November 9 -- the alternating color scheme looks pretty good
       November 4 -- laying on the metal roofing
       October 27 -- laying the rafters
       October 7 -- laying up the gluelam

What Holds a Community Together
       Andrew comments on 11 lessons from The Sacred Matrix
       December 27 -- Leadership structure free of domination; natural authorities based on certain social, professional, technical, or other abilities that make them suitable to lead; a sense of trust for leaders among the group.
       December 26 -- Clear infrastructure, with each member aware of their place
       December 24 -- No top dogs or territorial thinking, with cooperation among a permanent circle of responsible people, devoid of secret plays of power or position
       December 20 -- A few responsible people with the strength and unusually strong staying power to stand up for the community goals when thing go wrong.
       December 5 -- Good method for dealing with conflict, and an effective guide for handling relationships that may threaten to break down the community.
       December 1 -- Strong idea, concept, or goal which is more than a personal desire for contact or a feeling of home

Reuse--Up Close and Personal
        Walt talks about hip surgery

Adding a Crane to our Butchering Setup
       Note: graphic content
       making a difficult job a bit easier

Adding a Spun Parabolic Collector
        setting the stage for some winter work

Butchering Season
        Oana Reflects on Life and Death

A Solar Boiler for the PowerLab
       November 26 -- installing the main solar boiler mounts
       November 24 -- making the main mount adjustable
       October 10 -- testing the solar boiler with compressed air
       September 27 -- assembling the boiler

Another Windfall
       November 22 -- bringing home a large pine

Technology Trap
        guest commentary by Peter Crabb

Pearl's Retaining Wall Foundation goes Vertical
       November 5 -- completing the third pier
       September 29 -- pouring the first bit of the vertical wall
       September 27 -- preparation and team work pay off
       September 25 -- getting ready to pour the first footing section

Firing Up the GEK
       Opalyn celebrates her first sustainable flame

End of October Garden Update
       Oana describes this year's experiments

Bricks Link the Past, Present and Future
       Kerst describes the season's last run

Finishing the Double-Barreled Compost Machine
       Katie expands our ability to make compost quickly

Dear Future Brick Lead
       Kerst logs some things to note when the mixer stops

Bringing Seamus Home
       Adding a 2,000 gallon tank to our gasification gear

Assembling the Axial-Flux Alternator
       October 27 -- epoxying the magnets
       October 20 -- shaft mounting the steel plates

Another Approach to Growing Shitake
       Kerst tries a faster path

Acorn Pancakes
       Katie pushes the envelope a bit further

Blue Stain Fungi
       Kerst describes a key Windward fungi

Making Gluten-Free Breads
       Opalyn explores some alternatives

Adding the Remaining Parts to the GEK
       Opalyn installs the paddle wheel fan

Our First Shitake Mushroom
       Kerst updates our mycology project

Acorns in the Kitchen
       more on what Katie's been up to

Watching the Garden Grow
       Katie shares some observations

       Oana tells of the summer's hatch

A Picnic by the Klickitat
       Kerst engineers an afternoon "get-away"

Our TLUD Produces Char for the GEK
       Opalyn updates our gasification work

Jewel, Becca, Alison, and Milk for the Kitchen
       Opalyn offers an update from the Goat Barn

Common Goals
       Andrew's first impressions

Getting Ready for the Fall Season
       Katie's planting ranges from radishes to "mystery trees"

Solar Crackers and Goat Cheese
       Oana branches out

Compressed Earth Brick Update
       September 13 -- making special bricks for the corners
       July 27 -- passing the quarter mark

Acorns Aplenty
       Katie describes her work with this year's crop

Painting and Assembling the GEK
       Opalyn does some detailing

First Days
       Oana dives right in

Pest Control
       Fishing for a better solution

A Garden Romance
       Squash and Strawberry meet in Vermadise

Glorious Garlic
       Jen gathers this year's crop

Handing Off the Ram
       Kerst takes lead on the rammed earth brick work

The Passing of the Founders
       Allen Butcher on the recent passing of Kat Kinkade

       Opalyn welds up the Gasifier's Experimenter's Kit #4

Fresh Rooster Pilau
       Opalyn describes her favorite way to prepare rooster

Beet Pickled Eggs
       Opalyn describes her favorite way to store extra eggs

Google Earth to Windward
       a bird's eye view of where we are

       Click Here to see a bird's eye view of Windward looking southward towards Mt. Hood.

Walnuts in the Woods
       Sarah describes the transplanting of our first walnuts

Forage Update
       the latest on the cost of alfalfa

Pearl's Retaining Wall Foundation
       August 24 -- aligning the piers
       July 3 -- the footing springs a leak
       June 4 -- planning for the southern stem wall
       May 24 -- digging the first footing
       May 18 -- excavating for the third pier
       May 7 -- starting the second pier
       May 2 -- extending the first pier
       April 26 -- pouring the second pad
       April 16 -- Opalyn's latest development of the design
       April 15 -- installing fore and aft cribs
       March 31 -- Opalyn draws out the design

Thoughts on Incubatting
       Monica logs some of what she's learned about incubating

Irrigating the Fruit Trees
       Jen improves the way we water our fruit trees

Opus Gets Another Chance
       Monica decides to fix up one of our old RVs

Solar Bread
       Jen uses the sun's energy to put food on the table

Joys of the Away Team!
       building fairy houses in the woods

Exploring the Ovine Learning Curve
       Emily describes the daily sheep walk

The Leaky Pearl
       work on the Pearl stops while we track down a water leak

Home-made Ice Cream!
       Monica shares her family recipe

First Eggs!
       Jan and Noel pass a key milestone

First Impressions
       Sarah shares some of her first impression of Windward

From Peacock to Perlou
       Opalyn nails her first peacock

Becca Gives us a Scare
       it's not good when a baby goat doesn't want to eat

Making Compressed Earth Bricks
       June 27 -- adding cement to the mix
       May 24 -- making practice bricks

Making Goat's Milk Yogurt
       Jen describes making one of her favorite foods

Citron, the Real Thing
       Gina describes converting citrus rinds into citron

The Spiral Garden
       Monica takes the kitchen herb garden to a new level

Refencing the Fruit Trees
       Jen describes a major rework of the fences that protect our fruit trees

Intern Field Trip
       Monica describes a visit to the Evergreen Rain Forest

Washington White Oaks
       Jay prepares oak seedlings for transplant

A Parabolic Trough Solar Collector
       June 4 -- fetching the sheet metal
       April 21 -- assembling the frame

Herbal Medicine
       Monica's first compound

Shearing Sheep
       Orly describes team shearing our rams

Fussing Over Luna
       May 30 -- chicks galore!
       May 26 -- Monica hatches her first duckling

Garden Update
       Annie describes some of the things coming up in our research gardens

Future Pack Goats
       Annie starts to train our whethers

Propagating Lavender
       May 20 -- update on rooting trials
       April 10 -- rooting cuttings

Getting Vermadise Ready for Summer
       Opalyn describes an annual rite of summer at Windward

Spring Cleaning for the Warmerator
       Monica gets serious about incubation

Landfill Tour
       Orly describes a visit to where our trash goes

First Time Brewer
       Annie tackles a key sustainability skill

Fixing the Mixer
       May 10 -- getting the motar mixer ready to work

Shitake Time
       May 10 -- innoculating the logs
       April 29 -- Kerst and Annie gather logs and make a lot of chips

Ten Acres Enough
       One man's experience written a century and a half ago

The Useful Goods Exchange
       Opalyn describes her weekend in Portland with Karen

Apple Caramel Cake
       Monica describes the Wintern's latest afternoon snack creation

Ht. Hood Ski Run
       Annie describes her first vist to Timberline

Combining Two Great Recipes
       into one great dish!

Earth Day!
       Annie describes our Earth Day run to Portland

A Return to the City
       Opalyn describes a run north to attend a family reunion

The Morning Walk-about
       a bit about how we start our day

Roofing Gray Box
       creating some insulated space and a rainwater collection system

Fixing the Chipper
       April 7 -- adding a set screw for insurance
       April 5 -- reassembling the chipper body
       April 1 -- flipping the blades
       March 30 -- replacing the feed roller drive shaft

Hanging the Bat
       April 6 -- taking the Bat for a test compression
       April 3 -- adding a battery to even out the Bat's electrical supply
       March 30 -- the first of our hybrid compressors

South by Southwest to Windward
       Annie describes her journey west to Windward

Axial Flux Alternator
       March 27 -- the first parts arrive

Jay's Two Front Teeth
       and how they got fixed

Update on Noel and Jan
       our Christmas chicks start to explore Vermadise

Double-barreled Steam Power
       March 13 -- Mystery engine identified
       March 12 -- Zane finds a gem

PowerLab Progress
       March 10 -- wiring up the panels
       March 8 -- test fitting the panels
       March 3 -- constructing a portable PV array mount

The Paradox of Choice
       Why more is less
       Quotes from Paradox of Choice

Updating the Intern's Booklist
Cradle to Cradle
by William McDonough and Michael Braungart

Pita and Pasta
       Adriann and Margaret experiment with fresh ground wheat

Bread Pudding
       Gina talks about a Windward staple

Mid-February Happenings
       waiting out the snow

Tackling the Grunge Jobs
       Adrian describes dealing with the aftermath of our cold snap

Bread From Scratch
       Adrian describes the fun of making bread from wheat kernels

Snow Pics
       our snow event viewed through Adriann's lens

Digging Out
       February 2 -- coping with an exceptionly heavy snow load

Visiting Portland
       Adriann describes some of Windward's Portland connections

The AVR Butterfly
       January 28 -- Jay describes working through a programming problem
       January 24 -- a quick trip to Evergreen, and then back to work reading and writing ports
       January 20 -- compling and downloading a simple program
       January 19 -- adding a power supply and a serial port
       January 18 -- getting started

First Impressions
       Adriann talks about her first week

A Costa Rican Update
       Lindsay checks in again

Harvesting and Preserving 2007
       Gina talks about the challenge and joy of putting up fruit

A Close Call
       we almost lose the winter chicks

Working on the Power Lab
       January 12 -- leveling and adding a mounting sheet

And then there were two
       Noel gets a brooder mate

Back to the Bath
       January 7 -- hosing up the faucet
       January 4 -- installing the plumbing for the sink drain
       January 2 -- installing the low-volume toilet
       December 31 -- risers in place
       December 30 -- half-laping the carcase
       December 28 -- adding more light to the cabinet
       December 24 -- adding the medicine cabinet from The Bins
       December 23 -- finishing the painting and mounting light fixtures
       December 19 -- priming the sheetrock, and making a carcase

Looking for Tracks
       A fresh snowfall gives valuable insights

Notes Vol. 67 - last Year's Newsletter
       Our 2007 Blog/Newsletter

Notes Vol. 66 - what we were doing two years ago
       Our 2006 Newsletter

Index for older Volumes


                   Essays and Editorials:

A Declaration of Interdependence
     thoughts on love-based living

Problematic Words
     thoughts on relevant words often used in contradictory ways

Two-way Auditions
     thoughts on visitors and interns

the fine print
     thoughts on the importance of realistic expectations

     thoughts on the spiritual dimension of our undertaking

In Search of Sustainability
       the reading list for our internship program

Windward's Chairs and Departments
       Now that Windward has most of its life support systems in place, we're
giving thought to how we want to structure the next stage of our adventure.
This link takes you to a discussion of how we see the work we've
already started becoming more focused, more organized, and how new
members can carve out a niche to suit their special interests.

           Administrative Matters

Windward's Info Sheet and Waiver

Current Bylaws of the Windward Foundation
          As amended December 15, 2005.

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