Windward's Chairs - An introduction

       Moving on to the next stage in our development.

       What's a "Chair"
              Some background information on the concept

       A Clarification

       An Example - The Chair of Mycology
              Studying the fungus among us

       Another Example - The Chair of Fiber Arts
              Working with wool and linen

       The Chair of Herbal Arts
              The growing and utilization of herbs for cooking, healing and crafting

       The Chair of Wildcrafting Arts
              Working with products growing wild in the forest

       The Chair of Foundry Arts
              Using renewable energy to cast recycled metals

       The Arbor Chair
              Working with fruit, nut and ornamental trees

       The Timber Framing Chair
              Working with timber to build traditional structures

       The Home Schooling Chair
              Creating a cooperative, educational program for gifted kids

       The Unknown Chair
              A description of the general requirements for establishing a Chair


Windward's Departments

       Describing how Departments are different from Chairs

              Growing vegetables for the kitchen

       Animal Husbandry
              Using sheep, goats and ducks to provide community resources

              Using our forest resources to build a community

       Renewable Energy
              Using wood, hydro, solar and wind based systems to meet the community's energy needs

              Aquaponics is a system in which fish and vegetables are raised in an integrated system

       Sustainable Construction
              Using appropriate technology to construct our housing and buildings

       Land Management
              Developing the community's land in ways that ensure sustainable use

              Developing a series of public events which support Windward's educational and charitable goals

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