Notes from Windward: #64

Just to be clear

      We've already covered a lot of ground during our early years on this land, as we worked to make the land payments, got the basic life support systems in place, and studied the question of what systems would work for us here.

       Fortunately, we've survived those early years, and learned a good deal along the way. Now, we're in the process of revisiting much of this work to undertake the development of a more organized approach to the process of sustainable living Windward-style.

      Everything described in the following articles on chairs and departments is something we've already undertaken to some degree. On the other hand, none of them have been developed to their full potential. Our goal in laying these interests and activities out in this manner is to help potential members get an idea of what sort of interests are compatabile with what we're doing, and how they might step forward to head up a part of the program.

       This list doesn't begin to exhaust the options and possibilities; rather, it's intended to encourage you to think of the possibilities inherent in what we're doing, and how you might marry your interests with ours. We've already accomplished a good beginning in all of these area, but much of the work described in this section awaits the arrival of someone to head up these aspects of a sustainable Windward.

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