Notes from Windward: #68


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Monica describes a visit to the Evergreen Rain Forest

     Needing a mini-vacation from dry weather, oak trees, and gardening, the other interns and I planned a spontaneous trip up to my house in Olympia, Washington. Again partaking in the joy of cross-training, we were able to let everyone know just one day in advance, and they took care of our chores for us. We worked all day on Saturday, then packed up the car and headed out after snack.

      The drive is three and a half to four hours, but with a carload of friends, loud music, and pretty sights it was not bad at all. We got to the house I had been renting up there (I go to The Evergreen State College), and I was amazed at how my garden had flourished since I had come down here just a month earlier. Everything was GREEN! Rich, delicious, moist, lush green.


     I was very excited because I got to introduce my new friends from Windward, Annie, Jen, and Orly, to my older friends from Olympia and Chicago (quite a few have moved up to Olympia). Saturday morning I was able to revisit a regular tradition from living in Olympia-- waking up late and making pancakes for everyone. This is somewhat of a luxury because eating breakfast around 2pm isnąt really compatable with life in the country. After breakfast, I took Annie, Orly, and Jen out to the Evergreen State College rainforest.


     None of them had ever been up to that part of the world, and they all seemed to be a bit in awe. Thought it is only a few hours away, the forest out there is immensely different than the one at Windward. Because of the amount of rain, EVERYTHING is covered in a layer of bright green moss. The floor is covered with rotting wood, ferns, and mushrooms galore. The air feels damp, cool, and clean. We walked a path down to Puget Sound, where the tide was way out. It smelled of the sea, and we found crabs and other sea creatures.

      When we got tired, we made our way over to a treehouse that was built many years ago. It is three stories tall, so when you are in it you are way up in the canopy. After our walk we went out for burritos, and then got ready to head back. It was comforting to be able to see friends and have new experiences without worrying about our plants getting watered and my chick eggs getting turned.

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