Notes from Windward: #68


Dear Future Brick Lead

Kerst logs some tips for next season

[Walt writes: One of the reasons for creating these Notes is to build continuity within a searchable database. Our hope is that future 'terns will benefit from the experiences of those who already worked out some of the challenges that come with the work we do.]

     Here are few quick tips on where to look if the mixer unexpectedly shuts down on you while mixing.


1. There is an orange button that's slightly difficult to see on the face of the motor, between 2 screws. If this pops out, it means the motor overheated. This usually only happens in hot weather but I've had it happen when using wetter dirt which creates a heavier load. Wait a few minutes and push the button back in.


2. Check the circuit breaker and if the switch with "30" on it has moved to the center, flip it back to the "on" position.


3. This is the issue most familiar to people these days because you're dealing with a basic outlet that you'd deal with in your bathroom and when you overload it with too much hair-dryer time. Since it's the most obvious, it's easy to overlook. Examine the outlet and look to see if the red reset button has popped. Press it. If none of the above solutions work, talk to Walt.

Also, to reduce stress on the mixer, always start it empty before adding dirt, cement and water.

Have a lovely time and good luck with the next 466 bricks!


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