Notes from Windward: #68


First Days

Oana dives right in

     What a great few days it has been already! I've been outside all the time, completely involved in my work. I find that doing work without caring about it means that I'm wasting my time. Without being involved in what I'm doing, it's difficult to care about it in a deep way, to make sure that everything is done with the highest possible quality and the best intentions.

     Here, there are no distractions. I can dive deeply into whatever I am doing because I don't have to watch the clock and I don't have to answer my phone for a few hours at a time.

Oana sets another egg to incubate

     Well, sometimes I do have to watch the clock. Every three hours or so, during the daytime, I need to turn over the handful of eggs we are incubating. Once we saw that Jan and Noel gave us two beautiful, clean eggs, Opalyn and I started up the Warmerator to begin incubating them. We don't know if they are fertilized yet, but we'll keep our fingers crossed. I'm following Monica's advice, as she managed to hatch a whole bunch of birds in May and June of this year.

     Another thing I like to do is to feed all of the animals and milk Jewel the goat. I like getting close to the animals I live with, even if it means eventually eating them. The idea is that the more love you put in, the more you get out. Funny how that works.

     I've also got a few projects on my mind. I'm excited about making Solar Bread and making goat cheese or yo-goat, although they are sort-of on the side. The biggest thing is to begin working on the Axial-flux Alternator to begin setting up the "free" electricity process. I'll have more details on that later, as things fall into place.

Snack time in the kitchen

     In the meantime, I'll have some of Gina's ridiculously good Explosion Brownies. Oh boy!

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