Notes from Windward: #68


South and West to Windward

Annie describes her journey west

     After a week of attending numerous free concerts, watching many low-budget independent films and drinking my fair share of champagne for my birthday at South by Southwest in Austin, I began my four-day journey to Klickitat, Washington!

me rocking out at Tapes n Tapes concert

     My trip mainly consisted of caffeine, sunflower seeds, and nights spent in Wal-mart parking lots and rest stops, but some of the views were breathtaking.

beautiful scenery in Utah

     When I finally arrived at Windward, I unpacked my stuff in the cozy yurt; and the next day I took a trip with Karen to Portland. Portland was beautiful, the trees were all in bloom and there was vibrant green moss everywhere, much different than the vegetation I am familiar with from living in Austin for five years. Karen gave me a tour of the organization she runs called the Sunnyside Co-op, which is a wonderful place where families gather after school exchange toys and clothes and just have a good time. I also met her two children and we went to their favorite store to try on crazy shoes, dress-up is always fun.

Pioneer square in downtown Portland

     After, I got to meet Jay who plays a major role in the biomass to methanol project and I received a "hasty" biomass to methanol 101 course at a bar along with some more information on other projects at Windward.

     The next day I returned to Windward anxious to actually see what all the talk was about. Walt gave me the grand tour, actually the tour is not yet complete, there is so much land filled so many ongoing projects and potential visions. It is hard not to feel overwhelmed, there is so much you can accomplish all you have to do is take the initiative and Walt and everyone here at Windward will help facilitate your goals. I am having a great time so far learning as much as I can and taking some fun trips into town getting some hay, visiting the brewery and going to the movie theater.

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