Notes from Windward: #68


A Return to the City

Opalyn describes a run north to attend a family event

     After being at Windward for less than two weeks, I returned to the city to attend my family reunion. My drive back to Tacoma last Saturday night was eventful. The rainstorm and flat tire added over an hour to my travel time.

     I had a wonderful time reconnecting with distant family and meeting my cousins' children. I also had the opportunity to do a little shopping and connect with a future intern on my way back to Windward. The time in town reinforced that I really am a country girl at heart and everyday Windward is becoming more of a home to me than any city I ever lived in.


     What made this trip possible is the fact that I now live in an intentional community with a diverse group of people. If my family and I were raising animals or running a farm, someone would have been left behind to tend to the animals while the rest of us went into town to have some fun with the extended family. I was able to leave the farm animals and all my belongings knowing that every animal would be well cared for in my absence and that my possessions would be sitting in my cabin waiting for me upon my return. I didn't have to worry about having a neighbor check on the animals. This is only one of the benefits of living at Windward.

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