Dedicated to the hands-on study, practice and demonstration
of practical, human-scale sustainable technology
at the small community level

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Internship Information

     Windward offers 12 week internships on an ongoing basis throughout the year.


     Interns will participate in the development of the sustainable systems described throughout this website gaining both a theoretical understanding of interconnected sustainable systems and a wide range of practical, hands-on sustainability skills--everything from driving nails to mixing concrete, from milking goats to brewing beer.

     This fall's intern construction project will focus on constructing an intern yurt faced with rammed earth bricks made on-site; for information on how that and our other projects are doing, check our newsletter/blog.

     Interns will get to participate in the challenge of creating a sustainable, post-industrial community today. In support of that work, we've put together a Reading List which potential interns can use to learn about some alternative social structures that achieved a high degree of sustainability in the past, some recent sustainability work that Windward is building on, and some Utopian fiction that suggests what a post-industrial sustainable village may look like.

     We understand that time is in short supply, and that ten books constitutes a lot of ground to cover, but since we're intentionally trying to be different enough to make a difference, the Reading List is there to help bridge that gap by providing insights and discussion points. There are also links to thought provoking quotes from each of the books along with some discussion about why a given book is relevant. We don't expect interns to arrive having read all ten. Still, there's a lot to cover in 12 weeks and the more prepared someone is when they arrive, the more they'll get out of their internship.


     These entry-level internships are a sort of a two-way audition that can lead directly to an apprenticeship and full membership; i.e. to a sustainable home to live in and a right livelihood to pursue. Our goal is to shift our population so that the majority of our active members are twenty-somethings, so if you've got the passion to live and help live sustainably, this is a real chance to get on with it, not someday, but now.

     It's not hard to see that the consumption based culture is toxic, but the most effective way to criticize is to create--which is why this internship is for people who have a genuine desire to embrace sustainable practices in the here and now; who recognize that the competitive, consumption-based economy needs to be replaced with an emphasis on creative collaboration and cradle-to-cradle sustainability; who want to help make that happen by becoming the "early adopters" who set a example that will inspire others to embrace sustainability as a positive lifestyle.

     If you think that you might be such a person, we invite you to contact us with a brief sketch of your background, something about why Windward draws your interest and which projects you're interested in focusing on.

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