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Windward is a Washington state nonprofit corporation. The Windward Foundation is an equal opportunity organization which does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or national origin.

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The Windward Blog:

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Brain Tanning Hides for Buckskin & Fur A Wetscrape Method of Brain-Tanning for Goat and Sheep Hides (Warning: Graphic Content)
       Step 1: Skinning
       Step 2: Washing
       Step 3: Storing

It's Always Sunny in Herland
       Ruben details his thoughts on Herland, one of our reading list books

Making Bonemeal
       Lindsay describes our methods for utilizing animal bones

Reviving Rocky Mountain Oysters
       Lindsay shares a recipe for a new favorite food

Brain Tanning Animal Hides
       Andrew shares initial thoughts on preserving animal hides

Entering the Winter Womb
       Lindsay reflects on the coming winter

An Experiment in Forest Pasture
       Lindsay describes our latest chicken project

The Mushroom Hunt is On!
       Oana explores Windward's hidden forest

The Emotional Reality of Animal Husbandry
       Andrew describes the giving and taking of life

Winter Awareness
       Ruben describes getting winter-ready

The Creeping Chill
       Oana mulls on our ability to conquer the cold

Rabbit Care and Breeding for 2011
       Sarah updates this year's developments

Making Beet Sugar
       Lindsay explores a sugar source we can grow

Washing Wool
       Andrew explains the economics, science and practice of cleaning wool.

The First Snow of Winter
       A key timing signal comes early this year

Overwintering Goldfish
       Ruben and Oana to the rescue

Finishing the Water Vault
       Walt describes the latest improvement to our water system

Of Chainsaws and Milking Goats
       Lindsay notices a connection

Big Ideas in the Middle of Nowhere
       Lindsay describes a nearby project we admire

An early "snowfall"
       tending to a fall chore

Visiting Oneida
       Walt and Opalyn visit the archive

Cycles Great and Small
       Andrew reflects on how time changes us

Living in Community
       Lindsay reflects on how our land teaches us

Seeding the Summer Pasture
       Andrew gives a report from the field.

On the Brink of Fall
       Lindsay gives a september garden update

End of Summer Goat Update
       checking in with the kids

       what our bodies say about us

Sat Mount Conversion
       converting a geosynchronus mount

A Zero Ohm Resistor
       Walt describes a bit of Windward history

Baby Birds Arrive
       Opalyn picks up a box of Silkies

Wheat Bucket Brigade
       Ryan's description of how we unload wheat

Kotomi's Journal for August
       braiding garlic

Duckponics Update
       Michael describes this year's system improvements

Mike's Fish Manual
       Michael's guide for taking care of our newly set up fish tanks

Hiking Snyder Canyon
       Lindsay, Andrew, Ryan, Mike and John-Michael's overnight aventure

The Garlic Harvest
       Lindsay bows to nature's timetable

Kotomi's Journal for July
       Returning to Windward

Working on Big Blue
       Walt describes some maintenance and repair

On Sexing our Fish
       Michael studies telling the boys from the girls

Watching the Grass Grow
       Andrew's observations about recent forage work

Continuing the Northumbrian waterline
       Michael moves a longterm project forward

Doorway to a Studio
       Opalyn describes adding a side door

Tales of beekeeping
       Lindsay's July hive report

Coming up for breath
       Lindsay's July garden update

50 Gallon Tank Setup
       Michael sets up our first tilapia tank

Summer Solstice Brings New Life
       the chick hatch starts and Aria delivers her first litter

       Lindsay talks about land selected crops

Gathering Hay Duff
       for our feed pelleting experiments

Auditing Audie
       Walt shears the last ewe

Extending our LAN
       Opalyn creates a tree tunnel

Shearing Dolly
       an annual rite begins

Spring Garden Report
       May 20 ‒ as the garden grows
       May 12 ‒ of seeds, buds and blossoms
       May 6 ‒ spring in the garden
       April 21 ‒ cool soil and potatoes
       April 5 ‒ working with walnuts
       March 30 ‒ starting on the spring garden
       March 29 ‒ pecan trees in the nursery

Birth, Death and One more iteration of the great Cycle
       Andrew's thoughts on losing Alison

Excerpts from Kotomi's May Blog
       May 11 ‒ early mornings

On Becoming a Nursing Assistant
       Ruben describes his new vocation

Birth ‒ Life ‒ Death
       Opalyn descibes this year's kidding

Excerpts from Kotomi's April Blog
       April 21 ‒ First Day Preparing Lunch For The Crew
       April 20 ‒ Sourdough Starter, Potatoes, Ryan, & Luna
       April 6 ‒ pre-Portland photos
       April 5 ‒ baby sheep!
       April 2 ‒ BABIES!

Working on the Permagarden
       Lindsay describes some improvements

Building Chick-run
       April 11 ‒ finishing the southern wall
       April 3 ‒ placing posts for the southern wall
       March 22 ‒ finding the corners of the southern wall
       March 17 ‒ why a new chicken structure

The Natural Beauty of Windward
       Nicole creates a moss garden

Tanning a Bison Hide
       Nicole takes on a challenge

New Road Sign
       displaying the new entrance's new name

Stone Culvert
       making use of what we've got

Parking for Herland
       getting ready for visitors

Starting Seeds
       the promise of a new season

Routing Around the Ducks
       getting ready to upgrade Duckponics

A Definition of Sustainability
       Freeman Dyson's perspective

Chest-freezer Root Cellar
       Lindsay gives a mid-winter report

Tate and Felicity
       a pair of model bunnies

February Harvest
       Melting snow reveals fresh veggies

Installing a Culvert
       late winter is the time to dig!

Seeds, Branches and Twigs
       Lindsay tracks down herloom trees

Deer Fence
       Lindsay tries a new strategy

Mid-winter Chick Update
       Opalyn reports on sex-linked developments

Creating Space for Winter Squash
       Lindsay's puts a winter warm spell to good use

The Ebb and Flow of Being on the Plateau
       Oana offers a perspective on how the Notes pull us together

Stories of Wind
       Lindsay's perspectives on the damage from the winter storm

Pineapple Blowdown
       Walt tells of the impact of a type of winter storm common to the Pacific-Northwest

Winter Dreamscapes
       Sarah's photographs from a wet and sunny January morning

Winter Ravioli
       Sarah prepares a home-made treat

Andrew's Winter Update
       animal feed projects: bugs and pellets

From Life to Mitten
       Oana works with rabbit pelts

Letters from Another Time
       Sarah starts a new tradition

A Year Observing
       Andrew on the personality of our forest

Running in the Snow
       Lindsay describes one of her favorite things

Notes Vol. 70 - last Year's Newsletter
       Our 2010 Blog/Newsletter

Notes Vol. 69 - what we were doing two years ago
       Our 2009 Blog/Newsletter

Notes Vol. 68 - what we were doing three years ago
       Our 2008 Blog/Newsletter

Notes Vol. 67 - what we were doing four years ago
       Our 2007 Blog/Newsletter

Notes Vol. 66 - what we were doing five years ago
       Our 2006 Newsletter

Index for older Volumes

                   Essays and Editorials:

Windward's Abiotic Focus
       Walt talks about our approach to sustainability

A Declaration of Interdependence
     thoughts on love-based living

Problematic Words
     thoughts on relevant words often used in contradictory ways

Two-way Auditions
     thoughts on visitors and interns

the fine print
     thoughts on the importance of realistic expectations

     thoughts on the spiritual dimension of our undertaking

Harris' Law
     one reason why Windward has survived

Sad Irons Through a Green Lens
       January 11 ‒ an introduction
       January 12 ‒ a trap baited with water
       January 13 ‒ a farmer's life
       January 14 ‒ walking 1,750 miles for water
       January 15 ‒ stoking the fire in hell
       January 17 ‒ trapped between sun and fire
       January 18 ‒ wash day blues
       January 19 ‒ ironing was the worst
       January 20 ‒ no matter how ill
       January 21 ‒ even reading was hard
       January 22 ‒ centuries out of date
       January 23 ‒ back into the Middle Ages

In Search of Sustainability
       the reading list for our internship program

Windward's Chairs and Departments
       Now that Windward has most of its life support systems in place, we're giving thought to how we want to structure the next stage of our adventure. This link takes you to a discussion of how we see the work we've already started becoming more focused, more organized, and how future Stewards can carve out a niche to suit their special interests.

           Administrative Matters

Windward's Info Sheet and Waiver

Current Bylaws of the Windward Foundation