Notes from Windward: #71


from Kotomi's Blog for July

through an intern's eyes

July 19:

Back to Windward


     I was surprised by how beautiful Washington really is. I went east this time around and was in aw as the scenery changed in front of my eyes from lush green to sandy burnt oranges. I got out of my car to let Roxie out and was taken back by heat...real was actually summer a mere 2 hours away from Redmond WA, haha.


     One of the first things I did when I got back was nested...I had a lot of fun decorating and making my space feel homey and safe.


     This is a scene from inside my shirt...Lindsay showed us what needed to be harvested and so I started to collect a small salad.







     We harvested A LOT of garlic, it is now hanging in the hay barn I will have to post a photo soon...I have never seen so much garlic fresh in my life.





DOUBLE RAINBOW...OH MY GOD. (youtube..anyone?)



     I will write more of my thoughts soon but for now here is the update! Much love!!

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