Notes from Windward: #70


Letters from Another Time

Sarah starts a new tradition

     In celebration of the New Year, and in keeping with our [Windward's] lifestyle of stepping forward while reflecting on the past, I have started a new tradition. I asked everyone to write themselves a letter about their personal growth over the past year, and about any personal memories they want to carry into the future. I will keep these letters in a bundle and hand them out next year, on December 31st, at which point we will each write a new letter about 2011.

     At the five year mark, I plan to start handing out both the past year's letter, and the five-year-old letter. I think this will be a useful way of marking our progress in the social and emotional realms, where achievement is not easily measured and goals can seem without end.

     I also sewed and embroidered a cute time capsule bag to hold all the letters as they build up over the years. It features a shooting star and the words, "The Year is New."

     You can make a bag like this by folding a scarf and sewing up the sides. Easy!




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