Notes from Windward: #71


Snow on November First


     Well the temperatures have been cold enough for snow ‒ at least at night. The days warm up considerably when the sun is shining like today, all the way to 42°F.

Too much frost in the freezer

     For the last couple of weeks we've been noticing an increasing accumulation of ice in one of our freezers and it has been on the list of projects. Today, Ruben, Sarah, and I tackled the task. Ruben and I took turns pulling things out and packing them into coolers and the nearby Warmerator. Gloves were essential for this task.

Sarah brings warm water

     While Ruben got his camera so we could capture our early snowfall, Sarah was filling pots and bowls with warm water to help defrost the freezer.

Opalyn enjoying an early "snowfall"

     I enjoyed our first snowfall but was quickly ready to fill the freezer with warm water and head in to warm up by the fire.

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