Winter Awareness

December 6, 2011


     The seasonal weather-changes affect us in many different ways. One important change commanding the awareness of our drivers is the condition of the roads and paths on and off our property.


     The combination of freezing, thawing, snow, and rain restricts where some of our vehicles can safely travel or park. Vehicles can damage waterlogged, unpaved roads and get stuck in the mud. In the winter, parking spots that are safe 9 months out of the year can leave cars landlocked after a surprise snowfall.


     Being able to leave the property in a car isn't of the same priority for everyone, but it is of special concern to me. A near by hospital employs me as a Nursing Aid and it is my responsibility to show up on time - regardless of most weather conditions I face.

     I have acquired an appropriate vehicle to ensure my attendance at the hospital throughout this winter: "Blue" is a half-ton truck, has four wheel drive and will relieve my regular commuter car as roads become less safe and less predictable.


     Walt, having experienced many winters at Windward, helped me pick an appropriate parking spot for the truck. Before the truck could move into its new location a cluster of lilac bushes had to be removed.



     What makes a good parking spot? For me, a downward slope and easy, unobstructed access to the main road.


On a personal note:

     Life at Windward knows no cruise control. The consequences of my actions or inactions seem much more explicit than I have known them to be in other places. I think that is true for both our physical and our social environment. Being here has been an all-a-round adventure for me. The level of self-awareness and responsibleness I had on coming here was suited for a different life and a different world. I am still learning and adapting as I constantly have to respond to or in anticipation of changes in my environment. At the same time, I am part of everyone else's environment, and how my decisions affect others needs to be part of all my deliberations. Life is a high stakes game. I didn't really understand that until I came here. Today I call this state of engagement exciting and invigorating, and with every little improvement I know my self a more successful human being.

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