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      Notes for the New Year start at Notes Vol. 67

New Counter for the Kitchen
       December 31 -- cutting the counter top
       December 30 -- cladding the frame
       December 29 -- framing in the new counter

Winterizing the Yurt
       December 31 -- adding some homey touches
       December 28 -- creating a straight threshold

Cross-country Skiing
       December 30 -- checking out the ice cap
       December 3 -- adding distance to our morning treks
       November 30 -- our morning walks adapt to the
                             arrival of the snow pack

Repairing the Work Truck
       December 26 -- gathering the various bearings
       December 14 -- the new ring and pinon
       November 1 -- determining the gear ratio

Booklist Update Log
Relevance Notes: starting the process of describing how the books on the internship bookslist are relevant to our mission.
       updated through December 21, 2006

Closing in the Cabin
       December 24 -- routing phone and video lines through the rafters
       December 22 -- the front door goes up
       December 20 -- installing the front door frame
       December 18 -- finishing up the rear door, starting on the front
       December 16 -- setting the rear door in place
       December 14 -- framing in the back door
       December 13 -- wiring up the switches and foaming the door
       December 9 -- repeating the work for the front door
       December 8 -- running the wire into the switch box
       December 3 -- cutting a hole for the switch box
       December 1 -- cutting a notch in the cabin wall

First the Cup; Then the Coffee
       an essay from '96 that's worth sharing again

Email Crash
       rare, but it happens

Playing with the Big Toys
       getting the snow plow ready to work

Magic Worms
       November 30 -- through the first cold snap and starting to pupate
       November 12 -- adding horse manure to provide bulk
       November 11 -- moving the phoenix worms to Vermadise
       November 2 -- establishing our colony of phoenix worms

       lots of pies and snow

Prepping the Mini-Aquaponics System
       November 22 -- draining the tank
       November 16 -- filling the tank

Booklist Update Log
       updated through November 19, 2006

Following up on the hay liner
       November 19 -- passing the rain test and planting asparagus
       November 17 -- curbing the hay barn

Grid-tie Review
       November 18 -- getting checked out on the current code

Winterizing Vermadise
       November 14 -- closing off the last sections
                            and transplanting some lettuce
       November 12 -- sealing the corners
       November 8 -- sealing up the ends
       November 5 -- shoring up the keel pipe
       October 31 -- wood-facing the southern end

Shitake sighting
       Todd and camera check in from Portland

Rainy Days
       the fall rains come in earnest

Gasification at Windward
       November 6 -- downdraft gasification

Windward: a day in November
       Todd's camera enjoys a fall feast in the forest

The Windward Blog
       a general description of what we're up to lately
       updated through October 30, 2006

French Kissing Cows
       Kerry tests her culinary limits

The Non-profit Internship Fair
       Virgil and Walt take our show on the road

The Land
       Amy muses on the land's role in healing

From the In Box
       a much appreciated letter from a blog reader

Apples and Rocks
       the 'terns make a run down to the river

Apple Brownies
       Katie talks about what's quickly becoming our favorite treat

Off to the Big City
       Kerry talks about a visit to Portland and Seattle

New England and back again
       Virgil describes his trip back east

Hiking Adventures
       Katie talks about their hike up Catherine Creek

Apple Butter
       Kerry talks about cooking with wild apples and elderberries

Blogging the Yurt
       Updates on the construction of the Intern Yurts
          Exterior Stuff
          Detailing the Yurt
          Finishing the Yurt's Interior
          Finishing the Yurt's Roof
          Decking the Yurt's Roof
          Framing the Roof
          Framing the Walls
          Pouring the Foundation
          Clearing the Foundation

Updating the edible landscaping plan
       After checking on local availability, we're adjusting our plan a bit

Going for a Moonlight Walk
       Katie starts a new Windward tradition

Heading Down River
       exploring the old logging road in the opposite direction

Kerry's First Week
       From Manhattan to Klickitat--what a change

Edible Landscaping Plan
       Todd lays out our plans for the north side of the dining hall

Virgil's Perspective
       on cooking at Windward

Jacki Shares Some Good News
       about being awarded some scholarship funding

A Visit to the Ice Caves
       Jillian talks about their adventure on the slopes of Mt. Adams

A Trip Into Portland
       the 'terns drop Jacki off at the train,
       and explore some interesting places

A Tale of Two Tanks
       adapting two septic tanks to other uses

Replacing the Gas Line
       the dining hall gets an upgrade

Schiacciata - a Tuscan flat bread
       Jillian talks about how to make her favorite treat

An Internship Milepost is Reached
       As Catherina arrives and Sarah prepares
       to return to school

Our Approach to Studying Aquaponics
       It's first a matter of scale

Returning to our Roots
       sustainable living; Windward's past and future goal

Baking with freshly ground flour
       Sarah shares a two of her favorite recipes

Enhancing Vermadise
       End of July update
          End of June update
          Adding a working entrance to the north side

Bi-fueling the Work Truck
       Installing a new carburettor and an electric gasoline pump

Tristan's Apple Pies
       Tristan scores big points by baking pies
       from scratch using home grown apples

Jillian's Photo Blogs
       Photo Blog Four
          Photo Blog Three
          Photo Blog Two
          Photo Blog One

Jacki's California Trip
       Taking time out to attend her sister's graduation

Siding the Yurt
       First, you pick a dead tree and cut it down

A Starry Windward Night
       Jacki talks about viewing the moon and planets
       through Jacque's telescope

Cribbing the Corner
      dealing with the challenge of creating a fence corner
       on shallow ground
      July 17th update
       moving out from the crib

The River
       Sarah talks about enjoying the cool Klickitat on a hot afternoon

What Pyrophillia means to me :-)
       Jillian talks about the pleasure of a campfire at day's end

Better expectations:
       Virgil comments on what it means to be building a sustainable community

Fencing the Loafing Pen
       A major step forward in our animal management options

Notes from the Interns
       June Blogs
       May Blogs

The Windward Compost Project
       Todd describes an equipment design we'll be using to accelerate compost production

Sustainable Living Internships Positions for '06 - Part III
       Announcing the remaining candidates selected for summer '06

Bi-fueling the Work Truck
       With gasoline at $3/gal, being able to run on propane is a good thing.

Sustainable Living Internships Positions for '06 - Part II
       Announcing the second three candidates selected

Why Modeling is the First Step
       sustainability as the accumulation of a series of incremental steps

Student earns internship in intentional community
       an article about Sarah from Lewis & Clark's student newspaper

April's Here
       time to start getting the main garden ready

Aiming for Greatness
       when good isn't good enough

Planting more Apricot Trees
       another favorite rite of spring

Sustainable Living Internships Positions for '06
       Announcing the first three candidates selected

Signs of Spring at Windward
       It's March - time to shake off winter and do stuff

A Walk Along the Klickitat
       Following the old logging road

The Wild Klickitat River
       Some views of the Klickitat as it flows through its secluded canyon

The Benefits of Full Membership
       A short discussion of some of long term benefits of membership

Sustainability and the "Yuck!" Factor
       How "Yuck!" helps build sustainability

Todd's Take on Quality of Life - Windward Style
       Part One

Notes Volume 65
       Last Year's Newsletter

Notes Volume 64
       The Previous Year's Newsletter

                   Essays and Editorials:

In Search of Sustainability
       the reading list for next year's internship program

Windward's Chairs and Departments
       Now that Windward has most of its life support systems in place, we're
giving thought to how we want to structure the next stage of our adventure.
This link takes you to a discussion of how we see the work we've
already started becoming more focused, more organized, and how new
members can carve out a niche to suit their special interests.

the fine print

     thoughts on the importance of realistic expectations


     thoughts on the spiritual dimension of our undertaking

           Administrative Matters

Windward's Info Sheet and Waiver

Current Bylaws of the Windward Foundation
          As amended December 15, 2005.

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