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Windward is a Washington state nonprofit corporation. The Windward Foundation is an equal opportunity organization which does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or national origin.

Reader's questions and comments are invited. Permission to publish is assumed unless expressly withheld.

Copyright 2010 by The Windward Foundation. Other publications may reprint any portion provided credit is given, and a copy of the reprint is sent to the Editor.

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The Windward Blog:

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December Reflections
       Sarah's first thoughts on motherhood

A Million Calorie Diet
       December 12 ‒ cider's runnin' low
       November 4 ‒ in search of local fats
       October 5 ‒ putting together enough calories

A Forest of Questions
       December 11 ‒ Ponderosa pine and fire ecology
       December 1 ‒ Lindsay tells of our oak forest

Breeding the Ewes
       Andrew descirbes the celebration after the culling

Dealing with Green Tomatoes
       Lindsay takes on the end of the tomato season

Creating a Cold Storage Option
       December 1 ‒ after a hard freeze
       November 11 ‒ Lindsay describes a mini-root cellar

Learning How to Think about Grazing
       November 21 ‒ a permanent herd
       October 28 ‒ weaving in some history
       October 14 ‒ the arithmetic of sweaters
       October 8 ‒ factoring in the community needs and scale
       July 29 ‒ Andrew shares some thoughts about this cornerstone of sustainability

Enjoying the Klickitat
       Some YouTube videos that feature the "wild and scenic Klickitat"

Skunk Tales
       Windward's rapid responder team deals with a predator

Leo's Luck Improves
       Walt finds Leo a date

Snow in November
       Opalyn tells of an early winter arriving

In the World of Rabbits
       Eliot discusses rabbit issues

Racking the Hard Cider
       storing more apple cider

A Digital Ship's Bell Clock
       Ruben's first microprocessor project

There's a New Buck in Town
       acquiring a Boer buck

Expanding the Mushroom Bed
       October 27 ‒ adding shiitake to the mix
       October 5 ‒ setting in more wine caps

Bread for Community
       October 29 ‒ a culture of love
       September 2 ‒ Eliot expands bread production

Another Try at Making Cider
       improved equipment makes a welcome difference

Potato Harvest
       experimenting with new tuber types

Axial-flux Alternator
       Oana updates the work

Tea Party Pics
       Sarah throws a party for MaryLou

Sick at Windward
       Steven describes a bout with the flu

Pool Cleaning
       putting away the summer "tanks"

Rabbit Thoughts
       MaryLou's bunny update

Of Chickens, Goats and Microchips
       Ruben talks about the work he's doing

This Fall's Cattle Roundup
       Our easiest ever

Jon Reflects on His Intership
       how a visit turned into something much more

Wine Cap Mushrooms
       adding another dilectible to our meals

Bee Keeping at Windward
       MaryLou details what she's learned this year

Harvesting the Triticale
       learning to scythe the grain

Grain Raising
       August 30 ‒ continuing the experiment
       July 29 ‒ Andrew talks about grains and Windward's sustainability research

The Harvest Begins
       a hot day picking fruit along the cool Klickitat

Incubation and Candling Notes
       Opalyn hones her x-ray vision

Legumes and Root Crops
       Lindsay reports on more garden results

Bunny Business
       Sam describes some of this year's developments

Exploring the Klickitat
       Lindsay describes exploring the land between ridge and river

Baby Bird Report
       July 31 ‒ more chick pics
       July 30 ‒ breeding sex-linked chicks

Garden Notes for Mid-Summer
       July 23 ‒ The Garlic Harvest
       July 22 ‒ Fencing and Irrigation

Duck Water Valve
       working on a mystery

Bug Works
       July 6 ‒ pupation well under way
       June 6 ‒ Andrew brings the Bug Works on line

Summer Solstice Garden Update
       Lindsay describes our most lush garden ever

       Sam reflects on his arrival

Trees for the Forest
       Lindsay describes some of our new trees

A Metal Roof for PropHouse
       creating metal shingles from dead appliances

Goat Thoughts
       Celeste's notes on recent developments

Living with Lichens
       Lindsay describes a fascinating world of lichens

Buttercup, our New Work Truck
       Opalyn describes an addition to our rolling stock

Garden Notes for May
       May 17 ‒ the grafts leaf out
       May 16 ‒ a wave of green

Spring Sheep and Goats Update
       Andrew introduces our new lamb and kids

Welding Wall-E's Bucket
       Opalyn gets her dozer ready to work

Building a Shelter for the GEK
       Opalyn repurposes materials to keep the GEK dry

Windward's Abiotic Focus
       Walt talks about our approach to sustainability

Chick Trampoline
       Andrew's thoughts on the Philosophy of Containers

Wall-E Updates
       May 5 ‒ Aidan helps recover Wall-E's seat
       May 1 ‒ Opalyn tells of progress made and skills learned

Charlie's Training: Phase 1
       Sarah details the plan and method she's using

A Baby Changes Everything
       Sarah introduces our new herding pup

Garden Notes for April
       April 12 ‒ potatoes and salads
       April 4 ‒ an end to the winter rest
       April 2 ‒ nature can still trick the fool

Improving our Chip Handling
       Opalyn describes the latest developments

Winter Honey Bee Care
       MaryLou opens up the hives

April Fools Day
       Lindsay muses on a surprise snowfall

Getting a Start on the Spring Gardening
       Lindsay reports on what overwintered, and what's germinating

Reflecting on my Journey Windward
       Opalyn describes a typical day

A Gathering of GEKs
       Opalyn attends a gasification workshop in Berkeley

Branches to Fertilizer
       Lindsay talks about harvesting branches

A Writer Reflects
       Sarah on art within community

A Material Life, Part ll
       Lindsay's thoughts on completing the cycle
       Part I from Notes Issue #67
       Lindsay's thoughts on sheep and wool

Nature and Gender
       should nature be thought of as feminine?

Moving Honey Bees
       MaryLou relocates three hives to Windward

Transplanting Fruit Trees
       Lindsay describes how we transplant our trees

Dancing with Nature's Clock
       Opalyn takes advantage of warm winter weather

Propagating Perennials
       Lindsay works with dormant plants

Replumbing Finney
       Carina uses PEX to repair water lines

Late January Update
       Lindsay reflects on things learned in 2009

Improving My Mechanical Skills
       Opalyn learns to decode a on-board computer

Craft Update
       Sarah describes lessons she's learned

Making a Winter Job Easier
       improving snow removal from our hoop structures

Notes Vol. 69 - last Year's Newsletter
       Our 2009 Blog/Newsletter

Notes Vol. 68 - what we were doing two years ago
       Our 2008 Blog/Newsletter

Notes Vol. 67 - what we were doing three years ago
       Our 2007 Blog/Newsletter

Notes Vol. 66 - what we were doing four years ago
       Our 2006 Newsletter

Index for older Volumes


                   Essays and Editorials:

Windward's Abiotic Focus
       Walt talks about our approach to sustainability

A Declaration of Interdependence
     thoughts on love-based living

Problematic Words
     thoughts on relevant words often used in contradictory ways

Two-way Auditions
     thoughts on visitors and interns

the fine print
     thoughts on the importance of realistic expectations

     thoughts on the spiritual dimension of our undertaking

Harris' Law
     one reason why Windward has survived

Sad Irons Through a Green Lens
       January 11 ‒ an introduction
       January 12 ‒ a trap baited with water
       January 13 ‒ a farmer's life
       January 14 ‒ walking 1,750 miles for water
       January 15 ‒ stoking the fire in hell
       January 17 ‒ trapped between sun and fire
       January 18 ‒ wash day blues
       January 19 ‒ ironing was the worst
       January 20 ‒ no matter how ill
       January 21 ‒ even reading was hard
       January 22 ‒ centuries out of date
       January 23 ‒ back into the Middle Ages

In Search of Sustainability
       the reading list for our internship program

Windward's Chairs and Departments
       Now that Windward has most of its life support systems in place, we're giving thought to how we want to structure the next stage of our adventure. This link takes you to a discussion of how we see our work becoming more focused and organized, and how future Stewards can carve out a niche to suit their special interests.

           Administrative Matters

Windward's Info Sheet and Waiver

Current Bylaws of the Windward Foundation
          As amended February 5, 2011

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