Notes from Windward: #71


Chest-freezer Root Cellar

a mid-winter report

February 24, 2011


     This morning Sarah brought in the last of the apples stored in the freezer chest converted to cool-dry storage. We have been steadily eating away at the apples, tucked away into their winter hiding place in October, all winter long. The freezer chest has done its job remarkably well, the apples did not freeze and only a few spoiled (I did select quite carefully which apples went into the freezer chest, as any apples already bruised or over ripened would hasten the rot process of the other apples).

dead chest-freezer working just fine

     Some moisture collected in the bottom of the freezer, but this is most likely from snow that fell in when opening the freezer top when there was several inches to several feet of snow on the ground and the freezer top. All in all, this project has been quite successful and has well enhanced our food storage capacity through the winter months.

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