b Cycles Great and Small

Notes from Windward: #71


Cycles Great and Small

since june, I've been preparing for winter
the knowledge of the cold still somewhere in my bones
even amongst the golden hillsides, dry from relentless heat
there remains the comforting warmth of the wood stove

it's not until leaves change
      and the air returns with the razor blade quality of early frost
that my eyes and hands know the warning bells of seasons change,
          winter waits for no one

looking back over the year,
It retains a brevity and spaciousness
between the now and then, so much happened
but it's only a speck of dust in a desert

beyond the nails set to wood
or the seeds cast caring on future pasture,
beyond the hardwork, diligence, and patience
     love grows from within
beyond the machinery of life
          I am changed

for all the cycles big and small,
we come to meet the same points
     leaves fall
     hearts yearn
     hands work to callous
the earth moves, and we move
          part of great cycles

for every hour spent mulling over a decision
          or skipping sleep to some important project
for every predawn waking
          and the dim light coming into being
with every animals life saved
with every plant grown into maturity
with every disagreement had and settled
and every evening rejoicing in each others presence
inwardly, a growing accountability
     to my home and self
the burgeoning roots to hold fast against life's storms
          and an ever growing courage and commitment
to each day, forget my petty whims,
          and put my heart mind and body to work


to joyfully participate in whatever needs doing
          and let it's necessity be the source of happiness
to keep my eyes open
          and engage with my whole self
creating a future that is worth inheriting

over and over again I spiral dance
in the gravity of my life
     And with each revolution
          I am changed


to live a life of love
          and the pursuit of truth
     to be fully human
amidst the cycles great and small
that move in the forests and fields around me


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