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Windward is a Washington state nonprofit corporation. The Windward Foundation is an equal opportunity organization which does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or national origin.

Reader's questions and comments are invited. Permission to publish is assumed unless expressly withheld.

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The Windward Blog:

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Rigging for Winter
       December 30 -- installing winter roosts for the Guineas
       October 25 -- kaizen time in the chicken coops

A Few Days Late
       Windward's usual white Christmas was delayed

Oneida's Social Context
       An excerpt from the memoirs of Corina Ackley Noyes

Walking in the Footsteps of a Steel Rail
       Lindsay explores the "new" Klickitat Trail

Learning Big Things Small
       November 19 -- finishing up the first model
       October 25 -- Opalyn on the joy and utility of modeling

Snowy Peppers, Duck Ponds and Nitrifying Bacteria
       Lindsay describes some cold weather experiments

Strawberries on Straw
       Lindsay, Mark and Corina continue the experiment

Working with Walnuts
       Some to plant, some to eat and some to dye with

Harvesting the Potatoes
       Lindsay, Katie and Sarah gather in the crop

Duckponics '09
       October 23 -- protecting our pump
       October 22 -- water distribution
       October 21 -- a few words on water flow challenges
       October 19 -- working out the flood mechanism
       October 18 -- Patrick describes this summer's progress

Resurrecting Finney Trailer
       Carina describes a large project she's undertaken

Bird Update
       Opalyn describes the end of the birding season

The Rains and the First Freeze
       Lindsay describes what's up in the main garden

Glorious Mt. Adams
       Lindsay shares pics from her summer travels

Art of the Artisan Life
       Sarah's explorations in candy making

Time Away
       taking advantage of another facet of Windward's approach to sustainable living

A Former Intern Returns to Settle Down
       or something like that

Windward Fruit
       the harvest begins

Saving Seed
       fulfilling the cycle

Laying in the Wheat
       checking off another fall task

Harvesting Elderberries
       using GPS to track them down

Rocking the New Entrance
       September 16 -- finishing with three quarter minus
       September 15 -- laying down a shale base
       September 14 -- some background on a key project

An Early Harvest
       addressing some overcrowding in ChickPlex

Duck Condos
       moving our ducklings to more spacious quarters

Protecting Katie's Trees
       moving sprouts into Vermadise

Windward--A Year Later
       Katie returns for a visit

Harvesting Duckweed and Yellow Jackets
       addressing an unexpected consequence

Building a Chicken Tramp
       August 19 -- assembling the frame

Grafting Buds
       August 8 -- starting again

A Mobile Farmer
       Lindsay describes how her summer work recreates a traditional pattern

Garden Notes for July
       July 29 -- cucumbers and summer squash
       July 15 -- knee-high corn and lots more

The Great Guinea Heist
       July 28 -- the hatching starts
       July 17 -- Opalyn performs an intervention

An Incubation Update
       reworking the warmerator

Fencing the 5th Leg
       doubling the size of the Summer Pen

Chick-Plex Improvements
       adding some finishing touches

Notes To Windward
       Andrew updates us on his adventures in Phoenix

Updating the Bylaws
       The Next Generation weighs in

Hatching Success with Ducklings
       regenerating our flock of bug eaters

The Diving Dog!
       Cleo makes a splash at the swiming hole

Down Again!
       this time we're switching to Linux

Working with the Butterfly Control Computer
       learning C and putting it to use on the Fast Fodder Project

Hot Compost
       George gets the compost cranking

Building a Chick-plex
       June 19 -- first residents arrive
       June 15 -- the basic layout
       June 14 -- why build a chick-plex?

Solar Parabolic Troughs
       putting it all together

Working with Wool
       June 14 -- from fleece to rolag

Something Old in a New Way
       June 14 -- hatching success
       June 10 -- getting equipment ready
       May 27 -- candling the eggs
       May 21 -- a new incubator

Barrelponics and Duckponics 101
       Jon describes how the systems are currently set up

Felling a Big Tree
       time to call in the pros

Three Pests with One System
       Andrew describes a fly larva experiment

Garden Notes for June
       June 7 -- from peppers to peanuts
       June 6 -- enclosing the courtyard

Aquaponics update
       Jon talks about aquaponics

Digging a Ditch
       Jon works to improve our infrastructure

Mycology Update
       plugging on

Garden Notes for May
       May 25 -- harvesting salad greens
       May 12 -- carrots love tomatoes
       May 1 -- looking forward to the end of the spring frosts

Tilling the Goat Pen
       Lindsay reflects on using machinery

A Shepherd's Report
       the second month

Painting Chains
       keeping tools from getting lost in the forest

Something Old in a New Way
       May 21 -- a new incubator

       Opalyn brings a new resource on line

Computer Crash
       taking time out to rebuild

Spring Sylvaculture Notes
       May 4 -- things that worked; things that didn't
       April 18 -- next step for paw paw seeds
       April 12 -- diversifying our conifers
       April 6 -- planting pines in the pasture

The Squirrel Wars
       breaking out the bagels

Mailbox Canyon
       Opalyn finds the missing culvert

In Memory of Jewel
       we lose a key member of our herd

Heating Things Up Prematurely
       Walt describes an unintentional firing of a solar boiler

Trapping the Seed Snatchers
       Andrew builds a live trap for Vermadise

Garden Notes for April
       April 11 -- first transplants
       April 6 -- planting potatoes
       April 2 -- transplanting some wild dill

Chick Update
       moving the chicks to a tire brooder

Prepping the Aquaponics
       Jon brings the first system back online

Hot, Dam!
       Andrew explores a permaculture technique

Garden Notes for April
       April 6 -- planting potatoes
       April 2 -- transplanting some wild dill

Developing Skills
       Opalyn shares some bottle feeding tips

       Dolly becomes a mother again

Breaking up a Sat Dish
       starting work on our second trough

Garden Notes for March
       March 28 -- asparagus and tomatoes
       March 9 -- observations from the plateau
       March 7 -- the pigpen becomes a retaining wall

Sylvaculture Notes
       March 27 -- grafting apple trees
       March 15 -- Seed Snatchers
       March 10 -- Lindsay's thoughts on handing down skills
       March 4 -- walnuts and chestnuts, oh my!
       March 2 -- transplanting plums
       February 13 -- adding a mulberry tree to Landing Park

Discovering a Reverence for Wood
       building a sustainable relationship to trees
       and the world we share

More Chicks Arrive!
       Camille's brooding observations

Remodeling the Herb Garden
       Making sure the plants keep the water we give them

Black Walnut and Acorn Ink
       Andrew explores options for making ink

Terracing the Main Garden
       March 22 -- uppermost terrace finished!
       March 16 -- building the retaining wall

A Tool Box for Communication
       Camille talks about our Love-based Living Circle

Bikes and Icy Roads
       Camille shares more musings

Terracing the Main Garden
       putting the concept of reuse to work

Creating a Metal Lathe Stand
       Opalyn hones her welding skills

Goat and Oat Groats
       Camille muses on our relationship to our animals

Simple Love
       Oana hangs out with the ewes

A Tank for the Heat Battery
       another step towards generating solar steam

Garden Notes for February
       February 23 -- Turnips and Rabbit Compost
       February 20 -- First till on the potato patch
       February 13 -- Rose hips and Jerusalem artichokes
       February 4 -- Lindsay sets some cuttings and compost

Rooster Party!
       Oana describes the process of slaughtering chickens
       WARNING: graphic pics included

Another Aspect of Community
       dealing with a winter-time challenge

GEK Projects
       Opalyn gets started on making a chip trailer

Herland Annual Chess Tournament
       Oana describes an outreach program for gifted young women

Jay's Heat Transfer Find
       moving our solar steam project ahead

A Winter Homecomming
       Lindsay returns after a year away

Sad Irons Through a Green Lens
       January 23 -- back into the Middle Ages
       January 22 -- centuries out of date
       January 21 -- even reading was hard
       January 20 -- no matter how ill
       January 19 -- ironing was the worst
       January 18 -- wash day blues
       January 17 -- trapped between sun and fire
       January 15 -- stoking the fire in hell
       January 14 -- walking 1,750 miles for water
       January 13 -- a farmer's life
       January 12 -- a trap baited with water
       January 11 -- an introduction

Letter to a Deer
       Oana writes ...

The Whiz-Bang Chicken Plucker
       Oana expands our ability to process our birds

Growing an Edible Forest
       January 17 -- an introduction

Oana's Winter Animal Update

Radical Evolution
       January 8 -- Walt adds a comment
       Andrew offers his thoughts on the relevance of a book on our reading list

The New Year Brings More Snow
       Opalyn offers a weather update

Notes Vol. 68 - last Year's Newsletter
       Our 2008 Blog/Newsletter

Notes Vol. 67 - what we were doing two years ago
       Our 2007 Blog/Newsletter

Notes Vol. 66 - what we were doing three years ago
       Our 2006 Newsletter

Index for older Volumes


                   Essays and Editorials:

A Declaration of Interdependence
     thoughts on love-based living

Problematic Words
     thoughts on relevant words often used in contradictory ways

Two-way Auditions
     thoughts on visitors and interns

the fine print
     thoughts on the importance of realistic expectations

     thoughts on the spiritual dimension of our undertaking

In Search of Sustainability
       the reading list for our internship program

Windward's Chairs and Departments
       Now that Windward has most of its life support systems in place, we're
giving thought to how we want to structure the next stage of our adventure.
This link takes you to a discussion of how we see the work we've
already started becoming more focused, more organized, and how new
Stewards can carve out a niche to suit their special interests.

           Administrative Matters

Windward's Info Sheet and Waiver

Current Bylaws of the Windward Foundation
          As amended June 12, 2009.

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