Notes from Windward: #71

Parking for Herland

getting ready for visitors


     Last summer we applied for and were granted a conditional use permit to transform twenty acres of our forest into a natural burial ground. One of the conditions that the county set involved the provision of gravel-covered parking for people visiting the cemetery.

bringing in a load of shale

     Because the ground was wet, the truck had to again back into the area, spreading out shale as it went to prevent the truck from sinking in.

spreading the shale around

     Then the bulldozer went to work spreading the shale around, and walking it in to form a stable parking area.

"walking it in"

     It was all very straight-forward, and most of the time involved was spent waiting for the dump truck to get to the shale pit, load up, and return. Fortunately, the pit's only six miles away, but it's still a long, slow grind for a loaded truck to make it up the 1,600' of grade from the Klickitat river up to Windward.

a late winter snow shuts down the work

     We were delighted to be able to mark off another task on our spring "To Do" list before the weather turned cold again and add another few inches of snow to this year's total.

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