Notes from Windward: #68


Earth Day!

Annie describes our annual outing
to Portland for Earth Day

Alison riding to town for Earth Day

     With all of our gear loaded in the car…plus one baby goat… the folks here at Windward shipped off to Portland for an Earth Day celebration. As peaceful as it is to be out in the deep country, it is an essential part of Windward's sustainability goals to make time for pleasurable trips to the city to see what others are up to in the environmental realm as well as to get our own unique ideas out into the public forum.

our booth display

     Our mission at Windward is to demonstrate that it IS possible to feed, fuel, and clothe 20 people on 100 acres of land. While the grim status of the economy, peak oil, and the rising prices of wheat (to name only a few) are looming over our heads, some folk are seeking an alternative way to live. We want to set an example at Windward of how sustainability does not have to be a surrender of all your "wants" in life, and in fact, that it is the opposite!

      This is a real life research lab where we are in the process of producing our own fuel--methanol--from woody biomass, raising our own tilapia as well as fresh cascading strawberries in our aquaponics system, brewing our own beer, and putting together sustainable social structure to facilitate the goals of the community to keep our ideas alive, thriving and in action. Our earth day booth gave us a chance to let people know there are other options.

the sassy Sproketts performed

     The day went well, besides the short hail storm, a sort of harbinger for the hard times to come. In spite of the tempermental weather, the entertainment was great! There were the acrobats, the sassy Sprokettes, and a constant flow of unique music from the solar stage, all outstanding. I picked up a hefty assortment of reading material, flyers, vegetarian cookbooks, and Walt picked up more fruit trees for Windward. Overall, the day was a success, we had a chance to meet with some interesting people, discuss what we are accomplishing at Windward while learning about the great things so many others are doing!

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