Notes from Windward: #68


Painting and Assembling the GEK

Opalyn does some detailing

     With the paint job complete, I started assembling the unit. The white ring on the flange of the gas cowling is weather-stripping putty that comes in the shape of a cord. Used as a gasket, it will prevent atmospheric gasses from mixing with the gaseous fuel we are producing.

The gas cowling is ready for the reactor unit

Here is the main reactor unit. It will be placed into the gas cowling unit and bolted together

The GEK fully assembled. A paddle fan will be added along with a hose for fuel.

     Insulating the reaction chamber. There are two areas that can be filled with either wood ash or vermiculite. I chose to mix the two to prevent compaction of the ash. Next we will fire off the TLUD (top lit up draft gasification unit) to produce the charcoal needed to finish pre-filling the reaction chamber. Once the GEK is operational, it will make it's own charcoal.

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