Notes from Windward: #68


Home-made Ice Cream

Monica shares her family recipe

     In my family every Thanksgiving, we spend all day outside, hand cranking batches of homemade ice cream. This tradition is very close to my heart. As the heat lately has been shooting up, I decided we needed something cool for snack in the afternoon. Vanilla goat milk ice cream! As my family recipe calls for milk and cream and goats milk is naturally homogenized (the cream doesnąt separate from the milk), I used goat milk plus heavy cream from cows. Next time I will use all goat milk, and test for a difference in creaminess. I have to say, the ice cream went over very well. The first batch went in about a day. For the second batch I requested that everyone hold off until company came. When Karen and the kids got here we had a little ice cream social with chocolate syrup made fresh by Emily.


Here is the recipe:

  • 6 eggs
  • 1 3/4 c sugar
  • 1/4 t salt
  • 1 qt heavy cream
  • 1 qt milk
  • 1 T vanilla

     Mix all ingredients, put them in the ice cream maker canister, layer ice and rock salt around the outside of the canister, and plug in!


     As the ice cream stirs, use a stick or wooden spoon to poke down the ice and salt and make sure it is evenly mixed and doesn't get stuck.


     Let mix for 15-20 minutes, and check for texture. The ice cream should be solidified, but still about the texture of soft serve. Scoop into containers and put into the freezer to solidify. Don't forget the spoons when you are transferring it-- the soft ice cream fresh out of the canister is the best part!

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