Notes from Windward: #68


Jewel, Becca, Alison, and Milk for the Kitchen

Opalyn offers an update from the Goat Barn

     Now that Becca and Alison have been healthy for several months and have been eating grain and hay we decided to separate them from Jewel at night. For nearly two weeks, the girls have been spending their days with Jewel and their nights in a pen next door. This allows them to be close to Jewel but prevents them from nursing overnight at the same time providing more milk for the kitchen.

Jewel, Becca and Alison

     Two weeks ago we were getting about 1.5 cups of milk from Jewel per day. This volume hardly makes the effort of milking worth while, but once we started separating them at night milk collection increased to a quart of milk each morning. A few days ago, I forgot to separate the little girls from Jewel and sure enough the girls nursed before I arrived to milk Jewel and I barely collected one cup of milk for kitchen the following morning.

     The increased supply of fresh goat milk has been used by the interns to try their hand with new recipes including fudge and fresh goat cheese as well as hot cocoa and a Windward favorite bread pudding.

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