Notes from Windward: #68


Adding the Remaining Parts

the GEK gets a paddle wheel blower and other needful bits

     Several more components such as a condensate jar and a paddle fan have been added to complete the GEK. Instead of buying a glass Mason jar to make the condensate trap, I repurposed a spaghetti sauce jar by cutting a circular hole in the top to fit on the pipe. Using electrical conduit nuts I mounted the jar lid onto the pipe at the bottom of the cyclone. This will serve as a way to visually monitor the ability to the cyclone to catch particulates such as wood ash that otherwise could get sucked into an engine, and as a way to monitor the formation of tarry gases.


     The paddle fan parts and motor were shipped to us from All Power Labs.


     The housing and lid were painted, and then bolted to the top of the filter unit.


     A collar with set screw was welded to the paddle.


     Then the motor was mounted to the lid and the paddle.


     And that completes the GEK's assembly :-)

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