Notes from Windward: #68


Spring Cleaning for the Warmerator

Monica gets serious about incubation

      As I was realizing the necessity of breeding animals rather than relying on buying new ones in the quest for sustainability, I also got very excited about sweet baby chicks. The combination of these inspired me to take charge of hatching out some little ones.

     The warm-e-rator Monique used last winter to hatch Jan and Noel (our two chickens born in the winter) had fallen into disrepair after Monique was no longer around to care for it. It was in a terrible state.


     I thoroughly cleaned it, disinfected it, cleaned it again, and finally, the stench and grime were gone. I then bought a new hygrometer (temperature and humidity gauge), set up the water pan and sponges for humidity, adjusted the temperature, made some charts to collect data, and have been stocking it with eggs ever since.


     We are hoping to hatch out some little chickens soon, followed up by guinea hens and ducks.

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