Notes from Windward: #68


The Leaky Pearl

the foundation springs a leak


     As Monica and I continued to excavate the footings for the Pearl's retaining wall/foundation, one section became persistently wetter the deeper we dug. We called for reenforcements, and Emily, our most recently arrived intern pitched in on the excavation for the footings. By then we had standing water where the footings was supposed to go, so we decided to excavate a trench to the faucet about 2 feet away in an effort to find the source of the water.


     As Emily and Monica worked their way closer to the source of the leak, the soil became progressively more fluid finally turning into a mud wallow, just the thing for hot, dry feed on a sultry June afternoon.


     It took a while, but we back-tracked the water to a malfunctioning freeze-proof faucet. This style of outdoor faucet uses a drain plug which, when you shut off the faucet, allows the water in the exposed pipe to drain back down into the ground thereby preventing freezing. The plug on this faucet had been invaded by oak tree roots which prevented the drain from working properly. Now that we knew what the problem was, we removed the old faucet and made a temporary repair.


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