Notes from Windward: #68


Joys of the Away Team!

building fairy houses in the woods


     Karen, her kids, Claire and Emily, and Scott came up for the weekend. It was beautiful to see what it was like to pull together as a full, multi-generational community. The kitchen was bustling all weekend long, which brought joy to my heart, as well as piles and piles of dishes.

     The morning walk turned from a time to talk about the days activities, to a hunt for materials to build and furnish fairy houses. The afternoon work party transformed from planting trees, putting up fences, and collecting wood from the forest to taking part in community building exercises and listening to Karen perform spoken word poetry. It was refreshing to have kids to run and play and imagine with, to give piggy back rides and to read Shel Silverstein aloud to. One highlight of the weekend for me, was building fairy houses with Karen and the kids out of natural materials. What a sustainable way to have fun!


      Claire and I worked hard into the evening on ours, even putting in a little rock table with acorn cap bowls full of flowers for the fairies to eat.


     It was fantastic to see how much fun kids and adults can have together without toys, without TV, without store bought art supplies.

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