New Member Experience

Community, and how to hold a bird

Deniela, intern 2012, talks about personal crises and the support of the group.

The Journey Towards the Examined Life

Yosef,Assistant Steward Member, reflects on his summer apprenticeship and why he chose to join Windward.

Reflections on Community

Ben, Apprentice 2011, talks about the benefits of living in community.

Internship update.

Jacki, Intern 2006, talks about the multiplicity of things to do.

Windward, a Year Later.

Katie, intern 2008 and member of our "away team", shares about her tevisiting the community for the first time after a year. 2009

Hiking Snyder Canyon

An over-night exploring nearby canyons

Arriving at Windward.

Justin, Intern 2012, talks about his first few weeks in community


Sam, Intern 2009, talks about his first impressions.