Getting Involved With Windward

Apprenticeship - Coming as a dues contributing member of the cooperative to learn and research those is of personal interest to you, and furthers Windwards mission.

Academic Fellowship - Like an apprenticeship, but usually through an accredited academic institution. Fellow contribute dues to cover living expenses and help cover the costs assosicated with doing work specific to ones academic course of study.

Internships - Windward had never turned a person based on there incapacity to contribute dues. Internships are a form of scholarship to allow those who are eagar to try out community living, or those who come to work on projects that are of specific interest to the community.

True Fans - Someone who contributes money, time or goods to the community, or one of our core projects like Biomass2Methanol, project "fence-out-the-range-cattle",

Visit us at an event - We host several commununity events throughout the years. These events are intended to provide a. Please respect our time, and do not ask us to come for a casual visit. We have scarcely ever found casual afternoon/weekend visits to be worthwhile.

Find a Way to Help - If you have other ideas about how you can help out, let us know! Here are a few ideas: