Thoughts on living in and creating community

Practical experiences from Windward folks

The Wisdom of Squirrels

Lindsay talks about taking a leap of faith

A Declaration of Interdependence

thoughts on love-based living

Living in Community

Lindsay Shares thoughts on the more personal aspects of life on the Plateau, 2011

Technology in Service of Community

Lindsay & Walt share about the role of techonology to support community.

Passing of the Founders

Walt shares about watching his contemporary communitarians pass away

Dynamic Consensus

wherein silence plus time constitutes consent

Harris' Law

How has Windward has been able to survive and prosper while so many other intentional communities have fallen by the way side?

Two Hours a Day

wherein Walt elaborates on expectations

A Different Kind of Community

dealing with a winter-time challenge

Thoughts by other notable communitarians

What Holds a Community Together?

Andrew shares ideas from The Sacred Matrix by Dieter Duhn, co-founder of Tamera

The World of Our Future Exists ...

to the exact degree that we behave as if we're already living in it.

Kat Kinkade and the Communal Theories of Equality and of Sharing

a conglomaration of thoughts about equality and community living stemming from the work of Kat Kinkade.

Learning from historical examples of Community

Want to change the world? Read the manual first!

Walt shares about the Oneida Community as a successful example of community

Visiting Oneida

A trip to one of America's most successful historic intentional community.

Oneida Community

Quotes from "Without Sin" by Spencers Klaw, about the Oneida Intentional Community