Notes from Windward Archive

Wall-E Needs a Transmission Overhaul!

Opalyn shares progress on Wall-E's transmission rebuild.

Making Sense of it All

Lindsay reflects on the passing of a loved one

Fiber Conversion

Opalyn talks about a fiber display at the local library.

Windward Winter 2014

Claire's photo essay.

Our Numbers are Growing

Opalyn introduces two little lambs.

Making "Bone Sauce"

A traditional technique for keeping deer off of fruit trees.

Making Beet Sugar

A how to process for converting sugar beets into beet sugar

Bearing Fruit

Lindsay shares images of new fruits at Windward

Building a Cob Bench

Pilgrimage to Stacker Butte

Ruben recounts his adventure to the local data relay station.

A Day in the Life

Monica describes an average day in community

Empowering my Inner 7th Grade Boy

Monica shares a lesson in interpersonal relationships.

Redesigning Our Zone 1

Adding a New Fiber to Our Flock

Opalyn brings home a young German Angora rabbit.

Harvesting a Ram

Pat shares her experience with the annual cycle of life and death.

Finishing C-Wall

Walt describes wrapping up the pouring of a concrete retaining wall

Rainy Moments mean Inkle Weaving

Opalyn shares her inkle weaving project

Notes on Chestnuts at Windward

Andrew shares thoughts, research, and new strategies for naturalizing Chestnuts in Windward's dryland forest

More Plarn and Another Basket

Opalyn shares more information working with plastic bags

Rainy Days

Opalyn shares her thoughts on an age old question, "What to do? And what has to get done anyway!"

On Killing and Eating Animals

thoughts on the role of animals in creating & sustaining human communities

An Introduction from Monica

A Fall Intern

Ply-Split Basketry!

A new material and a new pattern to play with.

Ply-Split Basketry!

Opalyn shares more about this new (to me) technique.


Lindsay shares images of the squash abundance in the garden

An Introduction

Claire Introduces herself and where she comes from.

Sausage Making

Claire shares about her first project: Making Sausage with Martin.


Andrew experiments with an old method of no-till agriculture

Summer Rain

Lindsay talks of a summer storm

Creating a Clothing & Craft Space

Paula writes about one of her intern projects

Videos! Introduction to Permaculture

Andrew shares videos from a spring permaculture course at Windward, and introduces another fall course on Sept 6-8

Notes from the Field

Andrew shares thoughts about the evolution of plant communities in Windward's growing spaces.

Herbal Medicine Monograph Project

Profiling the Medicinal Plants of Windward

Reflections on Intentionality

Paula shares about life in community

An Introduction from Paula

A Women-in-Community Internship participant this Summer

Consenting with Nature

Arianna speaks to the "gendering" of nature and our responsibility as earth-stewards

An Introduction from Arianna

A Women-in-Community Internship participant this Summer

The 2013 Village Helix

Our Annual Open-House is Just a Month Away!

Building a "Dead" Hedge

a step toward irrigationless multifunctional hedgerows

Willy Gives Birth

Eight Piglets Join the Family!

Ply-Splitting Basketry

Learning and Practicing Ply Splitting

A Gathering of Women

Lindsay shares about a recent family reunion

Getting More Comfortable with Aniamls

Apprentice Aaron describes his time with the animals

An Introduction to Ply-Splitting

Learning How to Make and Split Plied Cords

Weaving - Setting up my Loom

Opalyn shares how she prepared her loom for weaving.

Gunuine Swiss Goat Cheese

Andrew shares a newly acquired traditional swiss cheesemaking process.

Apple Grafts...4 Years Later

Lindsay transplants the first of the grafted apple trees

Hugel Bed Update

Seeds are germinating and Trees are Planted!


Andrew updates on this years sheep births

Sunken Lag Bolts

Walt describes a hidden construction detail

Pig Paddocks to Seed Alfalfa

Lindsay provides an update on our efforts to grow alfalfa

Images from a weekend Permaculture Workshop

VIDEO: Site preperations for Hugelkultur bed

Andrew shares about the groundwork for the bed, the slope and orientation of the hillside, and how it fits into the bigger picture.


Turning Onion Peels and Coffee Grounds into Soil

Weaving - So what does it take to make cloth?

Opalyn shares about her recent work on the loom

Staging Material for the Hugelkultur Beds

Lindsay talks about preparations for an upcoming Permaculture workshop

The Conception of Piglets

Willie gets pregnant!

A Winter Vacation and so much more

Andrew shares about a recent trip into Portland

Good 'Ol Roots

Lindsay shares some images from a recent root harvest

Mycological Notes

from a recent visit by friend & mycologist Jordan Weis

Observations from the Savanah

Karen's thoughts on comadres

Growth in Community

Reflections from a Winter Solstice

A White Christmas

Images from a Windward Winter

Ucomming Event:

Permaculture on the Edge

March 21- March 23 2013
Lindsay & Andrew host a permaculture weekend


A Good Year for Mushrooms

Andrew gives word from the mycological front

Wreaths for Sale

Opalyn offers a piece of the forest for the holidays.