UPDATED: November 9, 2012


Ponderosa Pine Wreath - long needle

Wreaths are $25 each with $5 of every purchase staying in Portland to help fund the Sunnyside Methodist Church (if you are writing your check out to SUMC), University Park (if you make your check out to University Park), or the Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op and the Roost (if you write your check out to Sunnyside Swap Shop.)

Orders need to be placed before Thanksgiving Day so we have time to put everything together.

If you have a reason to order in larger quantities (company gifts, etc), you can buy five and get the sixth wreath free by ordering before November 17th.

The first 10 wreaths ordered will be ready for pick up at the Sunnyside Methodist Church on the Monday after Thanksgiving (November 26th). TWO more wreaths are available for the early pick up date

All other wreaths will be available on the first Monday in December at either SUMC or UPC.

Douglas Fir Wreath - short needle

This project helps thin the forest, and the wire frames are salvaged wire from the property's ranching days . . . a nice way to get some sweet smelling decorations here in the city while supporting local urban/rural exchange.

Contact Opalyn at opalyn@gorge.net to place your order.

Checks should be made out to University Park, SUMC, or the Sunnyside Swap Shop and delivered to Karen Hery, Sunnyside Swap Shop facilitator/coordinator. Any questions about payment or wreath delivery, contact Karen at sunnysideswapshop@gmail.com or 503-407-2667.