Notes from Windward: #66


Intern Blog Entries for June

June 23 - Jannel talks about fencing, rabbits and thoughts on community

        June 22 - Emily talks about working on the yurt, shipping container-based
             designs and the joy of team fencing

        June 19 - Jillian talks about camp fires, weeding and her favorite mole sauce

        June 19 - Virgil's thoughts on the summer solitice

        June 18 - Jacki talks about adventures in the kitchen and along the Klickitat

        June 17 - Sarah describes what she's been up to this week

        June 16 - Jannel talks about her first week

        June 11 - Jillian talks about the projects she's working on

        June 8 - Jacki talks cooking, fencing and long walks in the woods

        June 7 - Vergil talks about making homemade ginger ale

        June 4 - Jillian talks about her first couple of days at Windward.

        June 3 - Virgil describes his trip to Windward, and what he's been
              up to since arriving.