Notes from Windward: #66

Jillian's update -- June 4th

      Update from the big Windy. This is my second full day at Windward, and I've been having a blast. Yesterday Walt and I worked on the yurtlet, which looks like it's really coming along. I've started fixing up my new trailer abode, which is a fun mini-project to work on.

Jillian delivers another wheelbarrow load of cement to Vermadise


      Lunch today was pure awesomeness. We baked up a storm, bread pudding, brownies, pork roast. Gina is our cooking guru, and as far as sustainability goes and mental health, without a good cooking guru we'd be lost, and hungry. double whammy.

      I've had some great first days here and look forward to many more. Interesting projects, fun, and food are in good supply.

      Everyone is looking forward to meeting Jannel on Tuesday, and seeing if we've been mispronouncing her name.


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