Notes from Windward: #66

Jillian's update -- June 11th

      Hey all,

      We're all pretty busy here at Windward with projects galore. Walt, Virgil and I have been working on the entrance to vermadise. It very nearly looks like a buildng now which is quite an improvement from last week.

roofing in Vermadise's new work area / entrance


      The new sheep pen is coming along nicely. After Jacki and Nell drilled dozens beyond dozens of holes in posts, we were able to start stringing the wire through them yesterday. We're going to finish up one side of it today. The sheep will surely appreciate the cool forest pen as it starts to get hotter.

Jannel drills while Jacki holds the template


      Jannel is a great addition to our group, and has already made friend of sheep and lizard alike.

Jannel's remarkable affinity for animals is a treat to watch


       On a different note, Virgil has been brewing up ginger ale and beer. I'm happy to learn all I can about brewing, so we're going to whip up a batch of dark beer tonight.

siphoning a batch into bottles to await the aging process


      Hope everyone is doing well.


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