Notes from Windward: #69


Goats and Oat Groats

Camille muses about our relationship to our animals


     I'm responsible. For the well being of a species. Indebted to sheep and goats who made me what I am today. With them we developed domesticity, but once we don't need them, can they go back to the way they were? Can we?

     Once we use something is it moral to throw it away when need no longer requires it? Morals in the animal kingdom. Our kingdom. Anyway, I choose to be vegan. I won't eat things raised for profit over nourishment and made to suffer with the quality of their lives. I'll put love in my body.

     I am the calm guide ushering our ward out of the pen. To be free! Gentleness is key.

     I envision god guiding me, I have no leash. With gentle words trying to calm me down. Like Lindsay goat talks: "Everything is going to be okay. You just look at the blue sky and life's okay." This is her calm attitude when her goat on a leash drags her around the yard yanked in circles.

     They cry out against their restraint, but we assure them that they'll like this. We pull them uphill but on going back down they break into a run. We release them to go at goat pace and realize that's good as it suits them. Then they seem really curious.

     We can be goat herders to each other. Saying: "It will be okay in this new place" but not putting leashes on each other because we don't fully experience life their way, but we all know what it's like to be afraid.

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