Notes from Windward: #66

Cribbing the Corner - July 17 update

Heading up the line

     It wasn't easy, but the rock eventually did yield to persistence and the judicious use of Todd's jack-hammer. The rock can be broken up if you take the time to keep it clear of dirt and dust enough that you can spot the fault lines. By focusing the power of the jack-hammer on those cracks, the rock can be broken down and taken out bit by tencacious bit.

Jillian uses the jack-hammer to deepen the fourth crib corner


     We were only able to get about a foot below grade, but that should be enough since the telephone pole sections wound up situated in a sort of cup carved out of the rock, and once they're encased in cement formed up about six inches above ground, they should have considerable horizontal staying power.

     The next step on the crib will be to box it in with treated lumber up to about four feet above grade. Then, when that's filled with rocks, we'll have an anchor that will hold for a long time to come.

     Once the fourth pole was cemented in place, the next step was to install the first of the fence posts. Because of the shallowness of the soil, we decided to create cement anchors for the first few fence posts using up-side down five gallon buckets as forms for the concrete.

all hands pitch in to get the first two posts anchored soundly


     There's no sense in dragging the cement mixer down for these small batches, so we just mix the cement by hand in the wheelbarrow, and then transfer it to the forms a bucket at a time. With work like this sometimes it's just quicker to do things by hand.

Jacki mixes cement while Tristan transfers it to the form


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