Notes from Windward: #66


End of June Progress report

walls, and roof in place

     Working on Vermadise's new entrance has been a great way for the interns to pick up some basic construction skills, everything from driving nails, to using a worm-drive saw to installing metal roofing.

Jannel learning to use the worm-drive saw


     Although it's only an eight by twelve structure, Vermadise's new entrance incorporates a lot of the techniques that would be used to create a larger structure, so we've been using its construction as a learning opportunity for the interns, and they've been making steady progress.

Walls in place, and ready for roofing


     The first goal was to make the building peacock proof since peacocks are quite fond of earthworms and like nothing better than to treat Vermadise as their personal fast-food outlet. With the walls up, it's a simple matter to mount a temporary gate across the door and get on with using Vermadise for its intended purpose.

     Now that we could keep the pretty pests out, it was time to take steps to keep the rain out as well. Looking through our scrap pile, we were delighted to find that we had enough brown roofing left over from another project to be able to roof the new entrance, so the crew turned to and learned how to use the special neoprene washer screws to secure the metal to the rafters.

Jillian enjoying the view from atop the newly installed roof


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