Notes from Windward: #66


An Internship Milepost is Reached

as Catherina arrives and Sarah prepares to return to college

     This weekend marks a first for our internship program as Sarah, the first intern to arrive back in May, completes her internship and gets ready to head back to school to finish her senior year at Lewis and Clark.

     Sarah has been active in helping us explore the uses of fresh ground wheat developing new products for our kitchen such as the home-made whole-wheat crackers featured in her artile Baking with freshly ground flour.

Catherina and Sarah about to head out
on the morning hike


     Sarah's also been a real help in scraping and painting various things such as the reclaimed door we installed on the entrance to Vermadise, and the chest freezer we'll be using to raise Black Soldier Fly Larva. It's work which is tedious but it goes a long way towards improving the presentation of what we're doing, so she gets extra points for helping us look good :-)

     And not to forget all the work she's done stocking up the solar woodshed with nicely split firewood. Sarah took to running the hydrualic woodsplit like a pro.

     So this weekend will mark a special time for us as we start to say farewell and thanks to one group of interns just as another group begins their Windward adventure. Lots accomplished, and lots still to do, as we continue to evolve both as an organization and as individuals.

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