Notes from Windward: #66

Apples and Rocks

      Today we picked apples and rocks. We're planning on eating the apples and making stone soup with the rocks. Just joking. We don't eat rocks.

Virgil going after the high apples


      We gathered about three buckets of apples and six dozen rocks when all was done. It wasn't very difficult to come by either of the goods. The rocks were all gathered on Windward land and sure to be of great use in building the stonewall Katie has planned for around the yurt. I believe after this last trip Katie will have enough to begin constructing the wall. Though we are proud of our rock picking, our apple picking was most impressive. Fifteen gallons of apples we gathered!

Kerry picking more apples


      There are a few lonely apple trees along the roadside at the bottom of the hill and it's hard to resist those delicious fruits hanging from the trees. They are clearly visible from the roadside and I can't help but wonder why no one else bothers to stop! What a fun way to spend your afternoon! Climbing trees, shaking branches in hopes that the unreachable apples fall to the ground, and jumping with all your might in attempt to reach those that do not fall!

     After gathering our apples Virgil spots some long tall weeds. "Swordfight?," suggests Virgil. Katie quickly agrees. It is a short battle ending in much laughter.

cooling off by the river


      After the brief and not so brutal battle, Katie, Virgil, and I were easily lured to the river. We put our apples in the car and quickly found ourselves dipping our toes into the icy waters of the Klickitat. It was a warm afternoon, but the water of the Klickitat is almost bitterly cold. Too cold for me, but apparently not too cold for Virgil! He wasn't in for long though when we realized it was about time for us to head home.

Virgil's from New Hampshire


      As we drove up the hill, it was quiet for the foliage had caught our eyes. The scent of the apples, cool water, and distant, yet crisp colors are sure signs that Autumn has arrived.

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