Notes from Windward: #63

Peacock for Thanksgiving

One of our (mixed) blessings

Terry writes:

Peacock George

     One of the mixed blessings at Windward has been the peacocks. Two years ago there was one, affectionately named "George." He apparently was an excess bachelor kicked out of our neighbor's flock. Upon inquiry, our neighbor informed us that we were welcome to keep any strays that wandered over.

     George was quite friendly and added color to our site. He left us feathers when he molted, put on a show for the chickens and ducks and made funny noises.

     A year ago, George brought over a friend. Then there were two peacocks leaving us feathers, courting the chickens and making funny noises.

     This year our uninvited flock of peacocks and hens numbered almost a dozen, including three chicks that disappeared after only a day. Pretty as they are, unfortunately, they're becoming a pest. They're not shy at all about helping themselves to the food put out for the ducks, chickens and song birds and, because of their size, they can easily chase any other birds away from the food.

     And so, we decided that since the peacocks were sharing the duck and chicken food, they should also share the same fate as our birds, i.e. some of them should become dinner -- assuming of course that they taste "ok." The grand experiment took place this Thanksgiving when a peacock joined the turkey as the center piece of our holiday dinner.

     Nichols dispatched one of the males - we think it wasn't George. We fed the boiled scraps to the dogs - they were not impressed which caused us some concern.

     The bird was roasted with the turkey. It was dry and tough but had a wonderful flavor. The consensus was that peacocks pass the taste test. Now, all we need to do is work out the best way to cook them.

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