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The Windward Foundation is incorporated in the State of Washington as a nonprofit corporation. Windward is an equal opportunity organization which does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or national origin.

The Windward SIG is a special interest group of American Mensa Ltd. comprised of members and friends of Windward.

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Notes from Windward, Volume 64
       For an early peak at the next issue of the Notes,
        but remember that at this stage it's very much a work in progress

Flying Squirels
       More fun with varmits :-)

Peacock for Thanksgiving
       Celebrating one of our (mixed) blessings

Fall Update
       A great leap forward for the dining hall

Building an Earthworm Canoe
       Converting a plastic barrel into a worm bed

Earthworms and Sustainability
       Why vermiculture is an important part
              of building an Ecovillage

Cows in the Hay Barn
       Terry takes on a herd of hungry visitors

Pepe La'Phue pays a call
       Cat doors aren't just for cats

Pictures from Ragnaroc
       The end of the world is just the beginning

Wood Gas Conversion -
     Converting our work truck to "burn" wood chips.

Step 1 - Rebuilding the Rolling Gear
                    bearings and brakes

     Step 2 - Converting to Dual Fuel -
                    gasoline and propane

     Step 2.1 - Mounting the Propane Tank

     Step 2.2 - Refurbishing the Heater System


     Step 3 - Building the Wood Gas Generator -
                    tanks within tanks

     Step 3.1 - Fabricating the Basic Generator

     Project Update- Feb '04


Building a Castle in the Pasture, Year Two

     Last Year's Progress

     First, A Necessary Diversion

Phase 3.1 - The First Fighting Deck


Marge the Matriarch

     Tara writes about our senior ewe

A First Day to Remember

     Linda offers impressions of her first day here

Windward, we have Lambs!

     At long last, the first birth of the season      

Creek Done Rise

     There's nothing as pretty as a creek in dry country

Miracles abound

     Terri describes an especially moving birth experience      

Pine Grove

     Windward's annual rite of spring

Gardening Update

            March     April     July


           Upcoming Events at Windward

Spiral Rhythms Festival

May 23 - 26     Acoustic Musical Festival -            


May 28 - June 2     Battle in the Age of the Gods -            

Northwest Intentional Communities Association

June 6-8           2003 Summer Gathering - A NICA gathering is a chance for people interested in intentional community to get together and share stories and information. Attendees range from experienced communitarians to people who just want to learn what intentional communities are all about. It is a great chance to visit an intentional community, meet some amazing people, and have a lot of fun.            

           Essays and Editorials:

Thoughts on body piercing

     the latest addition to our fine print section

Tweaking the Visitor's Policy

     creating some more flexibility

the fine print

     thoughts on the importance of realistic expectations

           Administrative Matters      

Current Bylaws of the Windward Foundation

          As amended October 28, 2002

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