Water manifolds

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master manifold at main water tank

Note: There are two water lines that run from the main tank to the kitchen. The original runs down along the High Road, across Animal Alley and then in front of the kitchen. This line is 1 1/4" from the top of the hill to the shut off box near Animal Alley. From there, the line is 1".
     There's also a second line which was later installed to correct the tendancy of the original line to form an air pocket when drained and refilled. The second line is 1 1/4" and runs northest from the main tank, across the lower part of the Northumbrian Garden area and then approaches the eastern end of the dinning hall from the north.

lower main manifold (above campground)

shut off and branch to solar greenhouse

east dining hall manifold

junction of Animal Alley and the High Road

halfway down the High Road from the main water tank

east of the garden/pen


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