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Modeling Sustainable Construction

Contents: (1) Ecovillage, some assembly required

     At Windward you'll get to participate in using site-appropriate, environmentally-positive techniques to construct sustainable housing and community facilities. Projects we're working on are:


Passive Technologies
such as earth-sheltered construction
and laying out buildings in ways
that maximize heat retention and natural lighting.

     Earth sheltering a building allows the thermal mass of the earth to moderate the cold of winter and the heat of summer, but it won't work without proper drainage. Here we're installing a drain system to keep ground water from building up and seeping through the uphill side of the dining hall.

     Participants will gain hands-on experience with sustainable systems, and learn about the details that go into making passive systems reliable and cost-effective.


Active Technologies
such as using grid-tied solar panels
to generate electricity,
pumping water with solar power,
and harnessing low-grade geothermal
energy to heat and cool buildings.


Transformative Technologies
such as using excavated soil
to make rammed earth bricks,
cord-wood construction,
and generating fuel gas from biomass.


Integrated Technologies
such as using compost to grow earthworms,
using the earthworms to raise fish,
and then using the fish waste
to grow vegetables.


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