The Windward Center of Klickitat County</Head>
Name of Organization: The Windward Center

Address: 55 Windward Lane, Klickitat, WA 98628
Phone: (509) 369-2000 / 1-800-369-4646 Fax (509) 369-2004 (call first)

Services: Rural transitional shelter, nutritional support, remedial education, Life-skills training and self-employment skills development. Residents can pursue their GED or work toward a BA degree.

Target Population: Adults (including single parents) committed to making positive life changes. Windward works with a wide range of individuals to create a community approach to transition. Clinical support, when needed, is accessed through local providers. Windward is focused on meeting the needs of the gifted population.

Description of Services: Windward is located on 111 acres of rolling forest and pasture above the Klickitat River in south, central Washington. Structured as a self-reliant farmstead, Windward provides an opportunity for people to cope with substantive life changes. Utilizing a program of nutritional support, exercise, productive activity and remedial education, residents can prepare to take their lives in more positive directions. Activities such as gardening and working with animals provide a background of constructive activity which fosters resiliency and personal growth.
There's a Zen saying that while waiting for enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; Windward is that sort of place.
By taking advantage of Washington State University's Extended Degree Program, residents can work toward completing an accredited B.A. degree in a variety of fields.
The Center has three basic rules: 1) no illicit drug use, 2) no abusive conduct and 3) program compliance. For example, if a person were under the care of a certified professional, they would be required to comply with the guidelines set by that professional or leave.
Length of Services: The Windward Center provides up to 90 days of support for individuals in transition. Participation can be extended up to two years where warranted on a case-by-case basis. The Center is operated by the Windward Foundation, a non-profit cooperative association managed by the Center's alumni. After completing the Center's program, those with a sense of stewardship and a wish to help others are welcome to apply for admission to the Windward Foundation. For those individuals, Windward offers a long-term opportunity for growth and service.
Cost: Tuition is based on a sliding scale up to a max of $400 per month. This covers a private place to stay, food, base utilities and access to educational resources. Admission is based on the likelihood of an individual benefiting from participation in our program, not on their ability to pay. If funding is an issue, some scholarship resources are available.
Capacity/Referral Process: Windward's permitted capacity is 21 full-time residents. Our approach to transition is community based; therefore we try to maintain a mix of individual circumstances. While we work with a wide range of difficulties, we do so within the context of diversity. The referral process can be initiated by phone by calling (509) 369-2000

Case managers are welcome to visit, either as part of the referral process, or just to get away for a quiet weekend in the woods. Your input on how our program can better serve your clients is valued.

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last updated August 22, 2000