September 12th, 2012


Milk goes in the Ice Cream maker

Let me just first off state that Ice cream has been a huge part of my life. My family owned and operated an ice cream shop for a few years until I was about two years old. Ever since then my family has been making homemade ice cream for us to enjoy on occasion as well as collecting ice cream scoops, ice cream makers, and ice cream memorabilia.

So you could say ice cream is in my blood. My first attempt at ice cream went amazingly. I based my mixture off of a simple recipe I found on the Internet and modified it to cut down on sugar and add more flavor.

Nice pieces of cherries.

It was creamy and delicious and I couldn't ask for a better end product. It was like I was a natural even with using goat milk which I had never used before. I made mint ice cream. All of Windward's residents were fans. My second attempt, not so much. I tried out cherry ice cream using real cherries and the same modified recipe.

I think the extra amount of water in the cherries and cherry juice were responsible for the icy texture. It also didn't help that I didn't have enough ice in the ice cream machine to make the initial mix, so I used what I had which only filled the machine halfway. After running the machine for 3 hours straight, the mixture did not get frozen. I then stuck it in the freezer hoping it would turn out alright. The flavor was good but it was too icy to enjoy.

Apprentice Dorian using the Cherry Stoner.

First attempt great, second, not so much. I have plans to make goat's milk ice cream one more time while I'm at Windward. I think I want to branch out and try a harder flavor to master like chocolate peanut butter.