October 15, 2012


There are many ways to move large, heavy objects, both quick and slow, and their applicability tends to depend on environmental conditions and available resources.

IC (Insulated Container, pronounced "Icy"), our 40 foot insulated shipping container, has been waiting for quite some time to fulfill its intended purpose: to become a walk-in pantry. The container needs some rebuilding before it can serve in that capacity, and before that can happen, it needed to move closer to its final destination.

How does one move a 5 ton shipping container over rough terrain and through close quarters? If the ground is dry and hard enough, one might try dragging it. That is, dragging it with a diesel fueled dinosaur of the machine age: a caterpillar 312b excavator track hoe.

Our neighbor happened to be deploying his excavator not far from us, and didn't mind putting in an extra stop on his way home.

We needed a clear path to move the container, so the first order of business was to fill in a ditch that the container needed to move over, and remove any trees in the way.

A biomass snack?
Filling in the ditch.

Heavy steel chains connect the container to the excavator's hydraulic arm and enable the container to be pulled over the ditch and out into a more open area.

Our neighbor skillfully lifts and pulls the container.
The going get's easier as we get into a more open area.
Someone got a new drive way!
Nudging the container into its resting position.
A provisional home.

For now the container is sitting on rail road ties, waiting to be turned and moved over to its final position by means of come-alongs, but that will be a story for another day. We are truly grateful, deeply appreciative, and just plain lucky to have such a talented neighbor supporting us with his skills and equipment, and look forward to collaborating on more projects to come.