Assembling a New GEK

January 2012


     For those of you following the GEK project here is the update from February 2010 when my original GEK was replaced with a new upgraded unit.

     Last summer, Father's Day Weekend 2011, my GEK headed back to Berkeley for a few more upgrades but with parts still needing to be fabricated, I decided that I would purchase a new unit while waiting until spring for the new parts.

     My new GEK arrived and I headed into Goldendale where I was allowed to work in a heated shop so that I could assemble and paint the unit while outside temperatures hovered near freezing. I took both my upgraded unit to do some touch up painting and my new unassembled unit.

Two GEKs - wow! That's a lot of parts

     First I unpacked the truck and got things set up in the shop so that the metal would warm up and I could spend the afternoon painting. I also had to figure out what parts go where so so they would be painted the right color or if they go inside they don't get painted at all.

Flanges for my new GEK

     The reactor will be red. The gas cowling, filter drum, ejector venture, and cyclone are black. The auger/drying bucket and lids will be iron grey.

My upgraded GEK gas cowling and filter drum get touched-up

     While the paint dries, I get started assembling the new reactor. The gas lines are first. They attach on the bottom of the reactor chamber then spiral around the reactor and attach to a filling in the same flange that will attach the reactor to the cowling.

New GEK - assembly begins

     With the gas lines installed, I painted the exposed portion of the reactor as well as the gas cowling

Gas lines installed and painted

     As day one wraps up, I load GEK 004 into the truck and head home for the day.

Upgraded GEK reassembled

      Two more days in the shop allow me to get the painting done and more assembly. I installed the hourglass hearth then the nozzles, an insulation shield and a flow insert which helps prevent the woodchips from bridging.

Nozzles assembled - ready to be installed

     The ejector venture is a fascinating combination of parts allowing a small stream of compressed air to pull the gas stream through the completed GEK. The compressed air flows through the small nozzle on the left then pulling producer gas with it as it shoots through the horizontal pipe on its way to the flare or engine.

Ejector Venturi partially assembled

     With the ejector venture assembled and connected to the filter drum lid it is time for more painting.

Filter Lid Assembled

     As I wrap up day two in the shop, there seems to be more parts than ever waiting to be installed.

More parts as assembly continues

     Will the assembly ever end? Day three and many parts await their turn to be installed. I've had some trouble figuring out minor changes in the assembly plans and today I focused on getting things packed up and everything painted as I wanted to free up the shop space and needed to get more information from All Power Labs.

Loaded into the Truck to return home

     The new GEK is home and I've gotten answers to my questions and assembly continues. The main unit is now fully assembled and if I go much farther I will have to undo some work to complete the pre-lighting checklist so I want to study that so I can incorporate steps like ash insulation into the rest of the assembly.

     If you are interested in assembling your own GEK please visit the wiki at GEK Gasifier.

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