April 7, 2012


Rhubarb emerging from the winter rest

The spring garden preparation and plantings have been following in the footsteps of the late and slow awakening of spring. With frozen ground into March, the carrots and beets, arugula and spinach just had to wait some. But now, for the most part, the snow has turned to rain, and so the soil is ripe for digging.

With the helping hands of Ruben, Ben and Jeff, I have been able to prepare and seed with carrots, radishes and beets one of the 80 foot terraces. Parsnips will be seeded in a section of this bed in a few more weeks, along with broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts. I've also direct-seeded turnips, arugula and spinach, so in a few more weeks hopefully we will be having our delicious and abundant spring salads.

Its time to prep the terraces to plant the potatoes and the peas. I am continuing to plant these two beloved spring crops adjacent to each other so that the peas can help along the potatoes with the added nitrogen.

"All Blue" potatoes ready to be covered with soil

The garlic planted last fall is springing up right on schedule.

The perennials herbs and veggies are awakening as well. The rhubarb and horse radish is emerging from the ground, the asparagus and walking onions are poking their way through the soil. They have received a good weeding and a healthy dosing of mulch to keep in the spring moisture.

The building of the third terrace has begun. With all the spring digging projects, rocks have been coming to the surface all over the hillside, and Jeff has been putting them to good use by building a rock retaining wall. More on this to come....